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Friday, 23 March 2018
Best Movies with Body Horror!


Some of us might still wonder what is body horror and what movies have been inspired from that. Usually, horror movies explore unknown sides of our personality and awaken unconscious needs – wondering what body horror films might have for you?

Body Horror Films – Genre and History

The genre of body horror films can be quite debatable, keeping in mind that it might not be to everyone’s liking. Since this is a subcategory of horror movies, it might be perceived as less impactful. However, horror is something that few can understand and appreciate.

Best body horror movies have been created during 1970-1980, when David Croneberg, the pioneer of such films, launched his first movies of this kind. The view on world, featuring monsters, torture or deformations, was meant as a message to the new generation and a reminder at the same time of the profoundly human world, made of flesh, we live in. David’s movies didn’t manage to receive the expected popularity, however, some of the films gained a lot of exposure during that time, by establishing a well-defined category of horror movies, meaning body horror films. Even though they do not sound as tempting as free casino online, they do represent a powerful manifesto.

Body Horror Films – Target Audience and Message

There is no wonder that these films make a very strong visual impact on us. Since most of body horror films are based on human deformations, visuals and graphics are extremely important in this type of movies. Moreover, in order to create a very convincing image and transpose the audience into a credible story, attention to detail is required. The very best of them have an exquisite attention to detail, as this is the primary weapon to be able to create a scary and naturalistic image.

Raw details of deformations are presented in a very clear and precise way, as the audience will have time to memorize each detail and get the desired effect. The general feel when watching body horror films is repulsion, some of them were created for more than just the visual impact, just the same as with real money pokies.

Best body horror movies were created and presented to the public in order to explore different facets of the human body and as a visceral reaction of the idyllic way in which romanticism would present the human bodyshape. For body horror films, the human body is ugly and deformed, with nothing spiritual in it.

Best Body Horror Movies – Watch the Best of the Genre

These movies have been created in order to penetrate the human mind and understand there is no other dimension of the body, compared to other approaches, such as romanticism. Best body horror movies are the ones bringing forward the main features of the genre, however, having at the same time another layer of interpretation. This can be perceived by each one from the audience individually, through the filter of his own personality, so make sure that you watch the following ones:

• The Human Centipede (2009)
• Hellraiser (1987)
• The Blob (1988)
• Teeth (2007)
• Martyrs (2008)
• Tetsuo – The Iron Man (1990)

Conclusions About Body Horror Movies

To summarize, body horror films can be an interesting cinematic experience. Even though they might prove to not be your most pleasant movie experience, as a genre, best body horror movies have erased the boundaries of human mind and the approach on the human body. Instead, these movies are an open invitation to exploring our human body and understand its restrictions in a powerful and visual way.

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