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Written by Jay Creepy   
Sunday, 03 July 2016


  Clown Motel

Clown Motel is another of many little indie ideas finding its feet on Kickstarter. Looking like rubber-faced Killer Klowns from Outer Space, the horror genre has always had a run of luck with clowns. From Captain Spaulding, to Stitches, to Poltergeist, and the eerie moment in Jean Rollin's The Iron Rose, Pennywise, Lon Chaney in He Who Gets Slapped (yeah he was scary to clownphobics!!) I could go on. My point is that anyone coming up with clowns gotta come correct.

So step right up, Joseph Kelly and
Clown Motel on the aforementioned Clown Motel Kickstarter, which is to star stuntman/actor Casey Hendershott (The Walking Dead, Navy Seals vs Zombies, The Last Witchhunter), Angie Stephenson (Sons of Anarchy) and the director himself who has had roles in underground flicks like Mangle Me, and was involved in producing Wrestlers vs Zombies.

A group of young adults take a road trip to Las Vegas. "Lady Luck" is NOT on their side when they end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. They decide to seek refuge in a deserted
Clown Motel, in hopes that somebody will come along to help them. it turns out that the place is cursed, and they unwittingly unleash an evil clown spirit...

The locations look so cool. Some are shown on their Facebook Page and as far as some clown failures in the past (Clownhouse and Torment anyone?) this one looks like it could deliver some chills.

Just remember this... What happens at the
Clown Motel, stays at the Clown Motel.

Clown Motel Still

Clown Motel Kickstarter

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