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Combat Shock: 2-Disc Never Before Seen Director's Cut! Print E-mail
Written by Chris Mayo   
Wednesday, 25 March 2009
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Here's some excellent news for Combat Shock fans!  Finally, Troma are releasing the definitive edition of Combat Shock -- the 100 minute uncut version entitled American Nightmares (Now I can chuck my washed out American Nightmares bootleg.)  This 2-Disc Special Edition release will contain the previous 90 minute version also, along with a ton of extras.  Mark your calendars kiddies, because July 28th, 2009 is the official street date!  Check out more info, specs and cover art:

Frankie Dunlan returns from Viet Nam to find his life a festering sewer of poverty, hopelessness and violence. His wife is pregnant and hungry, his one year old son is sick and horribly deformed from exposure to Agent Orange, to make matter worse, they re all being evicted from their rundown, hell hole apartment. Frankie roams the streets looking for work but he s accosted by a street gang and beaten up, his family is threatened unless he pays back a debt long overdue. His childhood friend is a strung out junkie, aborted fetuses litter the alleys, underage prostitutes work the streets; the entire society has flushed itself down the toilet. Yet Frankie doesn t give up hope; maybe there s a job at the unemployment office, maybe his father will help; not a chance! At the end of the day Frankie goes home where his wife confronts him with the facts. She can t take it anymore and wants out. That s when Frankie has an inspiration, a way out of the horror. In a tender, warm hearted, feel-good story of justice and redemption, Frankie finally makes his peace. Or perhaps not.

- American Nightmares (100 mins): The Never-Before-Seen Director s Cut
- Combat Shock (90 mins): The Troma Theatrical Cut
- Audio Commentary with Director Buddy Giovinazzo and Jorg Buttgereit (Nekromantik)
- Optional Spanish Language Track
- Post-Traumatic, An American Nightmare (40 mins): A look at Combat Shock s Everlasting Underground Following and an Examination of Nihilistic Cinema featuring all-new interviews with: Rick Giovinazzo (Combat Shock), John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), William Lustig (Maniac), Jorg Buttgereit, Jim Van Bebber (Deadbeat at Dawn, The Manson Family), Roy Frumkes (Street Trash), Mitch Davis (Fantasia Film Festival), Joe Kane (The Phantom at the Movies), Rick Sullivan (The Gore Gazette, his first interview in 20 years!), David Gregory (Severin Films), and more!
- All-New Interview with Director Buddy G Conducted by Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger)
- Mr. Robbie AKA Maniac 2: The Rarely-Seen Short Film by Buddy G Starring Joe Spinell (Maniac)
- Hellscapes (10 min): A Look at the Locations from Combat Shock as they appear today
- Original Press and Photo Gallery
- Original Theatrical Trailers
- Solider of Misfortune: New Liner Notes by Steve Puchalski (Shock Cinema, Slimetime)


Combat Shock: 2-Disc Never Before Seen Director's Cut -
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