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Matt Shaw and Michael Bray's Monster: The Final Push on IndieGoGo! Print E-mail
Written by Jay Creepy   
Friday, 19 January 2018
Severed Cinema News: Matt Shaw & Michael Bray's Monster: The Final Push on IndieGoGo!


Even the most casual browser of extreme horror would have probably chanced upon the two UK writers, Matt Shaw and Michael Bray. They have birthed tons on disgusting vile nasties in novel form over many years.

On Severed Cinema, a while back, the announcement of converting one of their babies to movie form, Monster, was met by applause and stunned horror. Readers of the book kind of raised their eyebrows wondering what would make it to the screen. Would they risk the film getting banned? Who would star in it?

It will likely be banned in the UK at least because this film version has apparently gone further than the book, adding scenes which made cast members uncomfy. Speaking of the cast, Rod Glenn, Laura Wilson, Tony Cook and Justin Hayward, for instance, have CVs sparkling with movies, shorts and series which have dipped into violence and horror from time to time. Even a certain Jay Creepy of Severed Cinema bagged himself a tiny role.

The big surprise additions had to be firstly, Tracy Shaw. Known to millions of UK citizens as the ill-fated, Maxine (from 1995 to 2003) in eternal soap, Coronation Street. Then there was Danielle Harold from rival long lasting soap, EastEnders (Lola 2011 to 2015) and vamp movie, Fanged Up. Two ex-soap gals. How would they fare in a vile and revolting world? Danielle was up for anything, and a great laugh. However, Tracy came out of the other end practically hailed as a hero. She sinks to levels of extreme beyond what many would be willing to wade into. Let's not forget the beasts in the crew. Directors, sound, cameras, make-up, special effects, all bravely accomplished with a few shocks, genuine tears and retching moments (honestly)

So, Monster has been filmed entirely and is ready for the last hurdles. Hence, here's the last attempt and fund raising via IndieGoGo and the perks are frikkin' awesome!!! Outfits from the sets, masks, it's just pure sexy and sick at the same time.

I'm only putting up behind the scenes pictures because there hasn't been many proper promo pics released yet and, to be honest, too many will spoil the shocks.

Check the links below. By the way, I'll be popping up a more in depth article soon so keep a look out.

A bloody raw
Monster promo trailer:


Monster IndieGoGo. Get in here!!!


Matt Shaw and Michael Bray's Monster: The Final Push on IndieGoGo!

Matt Shaw and Michael Bray's Monster: The Final Push on IndieGoGo!

Jay Creepy as Stoney on set of Monster

Matt Shaw and Michael Bray's Monster: The Final Push on IndieGoGo!

Sick Genius A Severed Cinema Interview with Author Matt Shaw.


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Rod Glenn  - Monster Advanced Screening     | |2018-05-22 18:54:06
The film has been completed and is having an advanced screening at London
HorrorCon 30th June including a Q&A with director and cast members. You can also
request a screener copy for review purposes via the director or production
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