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Midnight Devils: Evil Dead Meets Reservoir Dogs? Print E-mail
Written by Jay Creepy   
Wednesday, 28 February 2018
Severed Cinema News: Midnight Devils: Evil Dead Meets Reservoir Dogs?


I think as I grow older and I see so many cheap knock-off movies appear, I become far more guarded. There's a difference in hierarchy regarding low budget flicks in the horror kingdom to me. You have the low budget labour of loves; those where the ideas and imaginations of those involved overshadow the lack of cash and SOV look. Then you have the cheap clones whom do it to maybe get a foot in the door, or just for a laugh. Then there are those who promise big stars and deliver one cameo scene. They have a tagline as to how one classic is gonna meet another classic, have a drink and get off with each other. Instead the two classic movies see one another and make excuses to go.

So I approach and report this one, Midnight Devils, with trepidation. Someone had a great idea, “Let's say it's Evil Dead meets Reservoir Dogs.” Really? Does it have an identity crisis? Well, there's one of my fav genre faces in it, Michael Berryman. Whether he has one quick scene, a background role, or a big one, he's billed near the top, so we just don't know.

To be fair, behind-the-scenes shots look cool, as do a few promo posters. Other than Mikey B., there's a chap called Billy Blair. Who, you may ask> He's popped up in The Last Stand, Sin City 2, Machete, and many more, plus Alan Rowe Kelly, a lady recognised from underground things like Satan Hates You, Tales of Poe, and River of Darkness (yes, that one which probably was a good idea on paper, you know, teaming up wrestlers Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash with Sid Vicious, but the plan was scrapped and they ended up as wasted chances).

Creators, Abel Berry and Jennifer Stone II had a nice success story with 2016's sleeper hit, Blood Sombrero, so I remain in the middle. We have no idea of a synopsis yet. Nothing has been revealed as I write this, but, like I said, it's Evil Dead meets Reservoir Dogs and pays homage to the '80s 'creature features.' So there you go, it's not original. Hahaha. I'm kidding. I'll update on Midnight Devils over time.

Here's the Facebook page to keep an eye on:



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