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Written by Chris Mayo   
Monday, 11 May 2009
Check out some more upcoming DVD releases from the mysterious folks over at MYA Communication.  Here are the release dates, DVD cover art and specs for MYA Communication's future releases:

Release Date: May 19, 2009

The Legend of Blood Castle - MYA Communication -

The Legend Of Blood Castle (1963)
AKA: Blood Castle, Bloody Ceremony, Countess Dracula, The Bloody Countess, The Female Butcher, Ceremonia Sangrienta, Vergini Cavalcano La Morte
Jorge Grau
Cast: Ewa Aulin, Lucia Bose, Espartaco Santoni, Lola Gaos, Maria Vico

When Countess Erzsebet Bathory (Lucia Bosé) is accidentally splattered with some blood drops of one of her nubile maidservants, the Countess finds out that the blood can preserve her skin young and beautiful. Compelled to kill innocent young girls to use their blood, the Countess is helped by her husband Karl (Espartaco Santoni), who fakes his own death and pretends to be a vampire to fool the superstitious villagers about the source of the exsanguinations. In the meantime Karl finds himself attracted to Marina (Ewa Aulin), the young daughter of a local innkeeper, perhaps another victim for the Countess. Sell Points / Extras Features: Believed one of the best adaptation of Elizabeth Báthory’s legend, this is one of the most disturbing and chilling movie from Spanish horror cult director Jorge Grau (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie). The Legend of Blood Castle in presented with its original full Spanish edit. Deleted and alternate (more explicit) scenes are included as extra contents. Extra: Deleted scenes, Alternate scenes, Italian opening credits, Poster gallery

Running Time: 88 minutes
Languages: English (1.0 - Mono), Spanish (1.0 - Mono), Italian (1.0 - Mono)
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Letterboxed 1.77:1, Mono, Deleted Scenes, Alternate Scenes, Italian Opening Credits, Stills Gallery

  Return of the Gladiator - MYA Communication -

Return Of The Gladiator (1971)
AKA: Il Ritorno Del Gladiatore Più Forte Del Mondo, Il Ritorno Del Gladiatore Piu Forte Del Mondo, Three Giants Of The Roman Empire
Director: Bitto Albertini (Al Albert)
Cast: Brad Harris, John Barracuda (Massimo Serato), Raf Baldassarre, Maria Pia Conte, Margaret Rose Keil, Adler Gray, Paolo Rosani, Albert Farley (Alberto Farnese)

Rome, 310 A.D. The Roman Empire is beginning to collapse, and Proconsul Tullius Valerius (Albert Farley) fears that provincial governor Gaius (John Barracuda) has been secretly working with those Germanic barbarians seeking to end Roman rule. Valerius then orders to former gladiator Marcus (Brad Harris) to go undercover and investigate this situation. In Gaius’ territory also lives Lycia (Maria Pia Conte), the beloved of Marcus. Gaius soon learns of Marcus’ plans, and has him captured and unfairly accused of murder. Led to believe that Marcus is guilty, Lycia turns against him, and Gaius condemns the gladiator to be pulled apart by teams of horses. Sell Points / Extras Features: International star Brad Harris leads this classic sword and sandal movie, set in ancient times Rome. Directed under the moniker of Al Albert by genre specialist Bitto Albertini.

Running Time: 93 minutes
Languages: English (1.0 - Mono), Italian (1.0 - Mono)
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1, Mono

The Sweet Pussycats - MYA Communication -

The Sweet Pussycats (1969)
AKA: All Kitties Go For Sweeties, The Blonde And The Black Pussycat
Director: Josef Zacher
Cast: Edwige Fenech, Ernst Stankovski, Sieghardt Rupp, Angelica Ott, Barbara Capell

Count d’Alsay (Ernst Stankovski) and Colonel Delaroche (Sieghardt Rupp) live in opposite sides of the same castle, of which they contend the ownership. The two gentlemen bet each other who will be the first to bed their respective new virgin maid, and the winner will have the castle. In order to win his bet, Delaroche is forced to ignore his lusty fiancee (Edwige Fenech), who quickly turns her attention to another officer. In the mean time a whole stable of local prostitutes gets involved in the act. Sell Points / Extras Features: This erotic comedy is one of the first efforts by gorgeous Edwige Fenech, who would later become the queen of Italian sexy movies. A rare title, presented fully uncut, in which the young Fenech generously shows herself more than usual.

Running Time: 82 minutes
Languages: German (1.0 - Mono), English (1.0 - Mono)
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Letterboxed 1.66:1, Mono, Stills Gallery, Uncut

Release Date: June 30, 2009

 Horrible - MYA Communication -

Horrible (1981)
AKA: Rosso Sangue, Absurd, Monster Hunter, Antropophagus 2, The Grim Reaper 2, Zombie 6: Monster Hunter
Director: Joe D'Amato
Cast: George Eastman, Charles Borromel

A man is running, followed by a priest. He comes across a house but the tall gates are locked so he begins to climb them, however he slips at the top and impales himself on the spikes. Injured to death he's taken to an hospital. Once there, the doctors discover that this man has an amazing regenerative power and his blood coagulates very quickly, making him almost indestructible. Sergeant Ben Engleman is put on the case, and he finds out that the priest has the answers: this man, Mikos Stenopolis, is the result of a nuclear scientific experiment gone wrong. He's now completely insane and will kill everybody who crosses his path, showing no mercy.

Running Time: 90 minutes
Languages: English (1.0 - Mono), Italian (1.0 - Mono)
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Letterboxed 1.66:1, Mono
Island of the Fishmen - MYA Communication -
Island Of The Fishmen (1979)
AKA: Island Of Fishmen, Island Of Mutations, Screamers, Something Waits In The Dark, The Fish Men, L' Isola Degli Uomini Pesce
Director: Sergio Martino
Cast: Barbara Bach, Claudio Cassinelli, Richard Johnson, Beryl Cunningham, Joseph Cotton

It's 1891: Lieutenant Claude de Ross (Claudio Cassinelli), a military doctor, and a few newly escaped convicts are shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island. They soon come across a strange couple: the sadistic Edmund Rackham (Richard Johnson) and the beautiful Amanda Marvin (Barbara Bach). The doctor finds out that Amanda's father, professor Ernest Marvin (Joseph Cotten), is a mad scientist who is experimenting on horrible human-fish mutations. While Professor Marvin is convinced that he's doing his research for humanitarian motives, Rackham has other plans, since he has discovered an incredible secret lying beneath the island.

Running Time: 99 minutes
Languages: English (1.0 - Mono), Italian (1.0 - Mono)
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1, Mono, Stills Gallery, Trailers, Uncut
Monika - MYA Communication -

Monika (1979)
Director: Mark Emperor
Cast: Gloria Guida

Monika (Gloria Guida) is young, beautiful and virgin. She is only 16 years old, and, beside getting the attention of all her classmates, she also attracts older men. She has a relationship with a boy, Leo, but she doesn't know that he uses to pimp the girls he seduces to rich businessmen. One of Leo's client befriends Monika and becomes so obsessed that he pays Leo to get her. But Monika turns her attention to her art professor, unknowing that he too has his secrets.

Running Time: 82 minutes
Languages: Italian (Dolby Digital 1.0 - Mono)
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1, Mono, Stills Gallery
Ubalda - MYA Communication -

Ubalda, All Naked And Warm (1972)
AKA: Quel Gran Pezzo Dell'Ubalda Tutta Nuda E Tutta Calda
Director: Mariano Laurenti
Cast: Edwige Fenech, Pippo Franco, Karin Schubert, Umberto D Orsi, Pino Ferrara

Inspired by the International success of Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Decameron (1971) and Canterbury Tales, Italian filmmakers rushed out a slew of like-minded comedies in the bawdy vein of Renaissance humorist Giovanni Boccaccio, known collectively as "Decamerotica."Medieval ltaly is the setting for this ludicrous la ronde involving a bumbling knight (Pippo Franco, of Billy Wilder's Avanti!) torn between his unfaithful wife (Black Emmanuelle's Karin Schubert) and the comely Ubalda (Fenech), the bored bride of the village miller who has the local men in a state of arousal despite her ample charms being constrained in an iron chastity belt.Directed by Mariano Laurenti, who teamed with Fenech again for Naughty Nun (1972) and The Winsome Widow (1974), Ubalda, All Naked and Warm was never released theatrically in the United States and is available only on this exclusive DVD, remastered from the original vault negatives and completely uncut and uncensored.

Running Time: 90 minutes
Languages: Italian (1.0 - Mono)
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1, Mono, Edwige Fenech's Sexy Comedy Trailer Collection

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