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Written by Chris Mayo   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009

By now you might have heard about the new DVD studio on the block that has been releasing and are slated to release a bunch of rare Italian titles.  That company is none other than MYA Communication.  This is great news for North American cinephiles as their discs are NTSC Region 0.  Some of these releases are monumental, including the works of Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Joe D'Amato and Sergio Martino.  Fans of the lovely Edwige Fenech should also be delighted.  Here are the release dates, DVD cover art and specs for MYA Communication's current and future releases:

Previously Released: November 28, 2008

The Blind Woman of Sorrento -- MYA Communication --

The Blind Woman of Sorrento (1934)
AKA: La Cieca Di Sorrento
Director: Nunzio Malasomma
Cast: Dria Paola, Corrado Racca, Dino Di Luca, Anna Magnani, Mario Steni

When she was only a child, Beatrice (Dria Paola) witnessed the brutal murder of his mother and loose her sight for the shock. For this crime, an innocent man was convicted and executed. Ten years later, his son Oliviero (Mario Steni), who in the meantime has become a famous doctor, agrees to perform an operation on Beatrice which could restore her vision. Beatrice now lives in a beautiful country villa with her father (Giulio Tempesti), who encourages the doctor to perform the operation. Oliviero soon falls in love with Beatrice, but at the same time the real murderer comes to the estate masquerading as a doctor, fearing that if she'll receive back her sight, she will be able to recognize him as the killer.

One of the forgotten classic italian cinema, featuring the film debut of italian icon Anna Magnani.

Running Time: 66 minutes
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Full Screen, Mono, Black & White, Remastered

 Provocation -- MYA Communication --

Provocation (1995)
AKA: Provocazione
Director: Joe D Amato
Cast: Erika Savastani, Fabrica Flanders, Gianni De Martis, Lino Damiani, Antonio Ascani

During the 1920 s, Carlo runs a country inn with his grandson Gianni. Carlo is a violent and insensitive man, and his wife Amelia dreams to be loved by Rolando, one of the inn s guest. On the other hand, Gianni is still young and without experience, and secretly spies his grandfather's sexual advances. Everything changes with the arrival of the provoking and incredibly attractive Marilena, a distant cousin of Gianni

One of the erotic effort of talented director Joe D Amato, Provocation features the sensual Erika Saffo Savastani, one of the inspiring muse of Tinto Brass.

Running Time: 86 minutes
Languages: Italian, English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Full Screen, Mono

The Virgo, the Taurus and the Capricorn -- MYA Communication --

The Virgo, The Taurus and the Capricorn (1977)
AKA: La Vergine, Il Toro E Il Capricorno, The Virgin, The Bull And The Capricorn, Erotic Exploits Of A Sexy Seducer
Director: Luciano Martino
Cast: Edwige Fenech, Alberto Lionello, Aldo Maccione, Olga Bisera, Alvaro Vitali, Ray Lovelock

Despite being married to the gorgeous Gioia (Edwige Fenech), the businessman Gianni Ferretti (Alberto Lionello) cannot help to betray her with any woman he put his eyes on. Fed up with the mischievous behavior of her husband, Gioia decides that it s time to get her revenge. To this purpose the handsome Patrizio (Ray Lovelock) happens to be the perfect candidate.

Edwige Fenech stars in one of the finest example of the famous Italian sexy comedies of the 70s.

Running Time: 95 minutes
Languages: Italian, English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1, Mono, Trailers

Previously Released: January 27, 2009

 Bread, Love and Dreams -- MYA Communication --

Bread, Love and Dreams (1953)
AKA: Pane, Amore E Fantasia
Director: Luigi Comencini
Cast: Vittorio De Sica, Gina Lollobrigida, Marisa Merlini, Virgilio Riento, Tina Pica

The middle-aged marshal Antonio Carotenuto (Vittorio De Sica) is sent to a remote (fictional) Italian mountain village named Sagliena, to assume his new mandate. The marshal is anxious to marry, and when he knows the young Maria Frisky De Ritis (Gina Lollobrigida) he selects her as his bride. Unfortunately Frisky is already secretly in love with Antonio s shy subordinate Roberto Risso. In the meantime Annarella (Marisa Merlini), the midwife, starts demonstrating his love to Antonio, but she s hiding a secret

Gina Lollobrigida and Oscar winner Vittorio De Sica star in one of the absolute masterpieces of Italian cinema. Regarded by many as Gina Lollobrigida s best and most naturalistic performance, Bread, Love and Dreams is the film that catapulted her to international fame. The film itself received an Oscar nomination for best writing and spawned two sequels.

Running Time: 93 minutes
Languages: Italian, English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Full Screen, Mono, Black & White, Stills Gallery
Dario Argento's Door Into Darkness -- MYA Communication --
Dario Argento's Door into Darkness (1972)
AKA: La Porta Sul Buio, Il Vicino Di Casa (The Neighbor), Il Tram (The Tram), Testimone Oculare (Eyewitness), La Bambola (The Doll)
Director: Luigi Cozzi, Dario Argento, Roberto Pariante, Mario Foglietti
Cast: Aldo Reggiani, Laura Belli, Mimmo Palmara, Alberto Atenari, Enzo Cerusico, Paola Tedesco, Pier Luigi Apra, Marilu Tolo, Riccardo Salvino, Glauco Onorato, Altea De Nicola, Robert Hoffmann, Mara Venier, Gianfranco D Angelo, Erika Blanc

Four Spine tingling episodes directed and presented by the undisputed master of horror. Originally made in 1973 for Italian Television, Door Into Darkness was highly controversal at the time for it's deliberate breaking of the level of admitted TV violence. Dario Argento, the master of fear and horror presents Door Into Darkness. Available for the first time in the U.S.

Running Time: 228 minutes
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Full Screen, Mono, Dario Argento: Master Of Horror Vintage Documentary by Luigi Cozzi/Lewis Coates
The Inveterate Bachelor -- MYA Communication --

The Inveterate Bachelor (1958)
AKA: Gli Zitelloni, I Zitelloni
Director: Giorgio Bianchi
Cast: Vittorio De Sica, Walter Chiari, Maria Luz Galicia, Mario Riva, Mario Carotenuto

Men are not meant to be married. This is the philosophy of Luigi (Vittorio De Sica), known as the Professor . And when the young salesclerk Marcello (Walter Chiari) asks for an advice since he s falling in love with his landlady s daughter, the Professor urges him to leave. But Marcello ends up married anyway, and his new life turns out to be a real nightmare. He becomes so frustrated with his wife and his mother in low, that he goes mad and is arrested for murder. But not everything is as it seems

Italian classic comedy starring Walter Chiari and Oscar winner Vittorio De Sica.
The first Italian movie of the 50s banned by censors.

Running Time: 98 minutes
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Full Screen, Mono, Black & White
The Maniacs -- MYA Communication --

The Maniacs (1964)
AKA: I Maniaci
Director: Lucio Fulci
Cast: Walter Chiari, Enrico Maria Salerno, Barbara Steele, Raimondo Vianello, Franco Franchi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Lisa Gastoni, Franco Fabrizi, Gaia Germani, Umberto D Orsi, Sandra Mondaini, Aroldo Tieri, Margaret Lee, Ingrid Schoeller, Franca Valeri, Vittorio Caprioli

The Manicas is a brilliant portrait of the Italian society of the sixties. The film is divided in several segments, each one devoted to a particular mania, with a special attention to the sexual ones. This anthology is filled with popular Italian comedians, Walter Chiari, Raimondo Vianello, Franco Franchi & Ciccio Ingrassia and many others, along with international performers such as Lisa Gastoni, Gaia Germani and Umberto d Orsi.

A comedy about Italian manias from the cult director Lucio Fulci

Running Time: 92 minutes
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1, Mono, Black & White, Trailers

Recently Released: February 24, 2009

 Four Flies on Grey Velvet -- MYA Communication --
Dario Argento's Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971)

AKA: 4 Flies On Grey Velvet, Four Flies On Gray Velvet, 4 Flies On Gray Velvet, Four Patches of Grey Velvet, Four Patches of Gray Velvet, The Four Velvet Flies, 4 Mosche Di Velluto Grigio
Director: Dario Argento
Cast: Michael Brandon, Mimsy Farmer, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Bud Spencer, Oreste Lionello, Francine Racette, Marisa Fabbri

Roberto (Michael Brandon) is a young handsome drummer playing in a rock band. For the last week he has been stalked by a mysterious guy with dark sunglasses. Roberto decides to put an end to this and follows his stalker in a deserted theatre. He confronts the man and accidentally kills him. At the same time, another mysterious stalker, with a weird mask, appears and takes pictures of the accidental murder. For Roberto and his girlfriend Mina (Mimsy Farmer) it's the beginning of a nightmare, and more murders will ensue soon.

Running Time: 102 minutes
Languages: Italian, English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1, Mono, English Opening & Closing Credits, Extensive Stills Gallery, Trailers
 A Policewoman in New York -- MYA Communication --

A Policewoman in New York (1981)
AKA: La Poliziotta A New York
Director: Michele Massimo Tarantini
Cast: Edwige Fenech, Alvaro Vitali, Giacomo Rizzo, Edith Peters, Enzo Andronico, Aldo Maccione, Renzo Montagnani

Edwige Fenech is the policewoman Gianna, and this time she is involved in an international mission! American FBI special inspector Maccarone (or MacCarone as he says) is on the trail of a criminal boss called Big John (Aldo Maccione). Maccarone finds out that among Italian police agents there are two exact doubles of Big John's girlfriend Pupa and his little bodyguard Joe Dodiciomicidi (twelve murders). He decides to use them to infiltrate the organization, but he doesn t know that these doubles, Gianna and her assistant Alvaro Tarallo (Alvaro Vitali), cannot help but getting into troubles.

Running Time: 88 minutes
Languages: Italian, English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1, Mono, Stills Gallery, Trailers
Scorpion with Two Tails -- MYA Communication --

Scorpion with Two Tails (1982)
AKA: Lo Scorpione A Due Code, Assassinio Al Cimitero Etrusco, Murder In An Etruscan Cemetery
Director: Sergio Martino
Cast: Elvire Audray, Paolo Malco, Claudio Cassinelli, Marilu Tolo, Wandisa Guida, John Saxon, Van Johnson

Joan Barnard has recurring nightmares of ancient Etruscan sacrifice rites. She is an expert in Etruscan language and her husband Arthur is an archaeologist studying Etruscan tombs in Italy, but there is something more: in her nightmares she can see exactly the tomb where Arthur is working without having ever been there, and she foresees her husband's death. Shortly after, Arthur is killed with his head twisted, just like the ancient Etruscans used to kill their sacrifice victims!

Running Time: 98 minutes
Languages: Italian, English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1, Mono, Alternate Opening Credits & Deleted Scenes From The Rare Television Version, Stills Gallery, Uncut

Release Date:  March 31, 2009

 Fatty Girl Goes to New York -- MYA Communication --

Fatty Girl Goes to New York (1982)
Director: Umberto Lenzi
Cast: Donatella Rettore, Gena Gas, Dario Caporaso, Howard Napper, Anita Ekberg

Miris (Rettore) is a funny, overweight girl living in a little Italian town and working for a radio station. She doesn’t care of her physical appearance until she falls victim to a bad prank made by Mirko, the most popular guy of the town, with whom Miris’ sister is in love. Miris is so frustrated that she decides to commit suicide, but just when she is waiting for the gas to kill her, she finds out that she won a trip to New York. In the USA she meets Baroness Judith von Kemp (Anita Ekberg), who chooses Miris to test a new slimming treatment. Miris’ life won’t be the same anymore and she’ll come back to Italy to get her revenge. Popular Italian pop singer Donatella Rettore along with international star Anita Ekberg lead this teen comedy of the eighties, directed by veteran Umberto Lenzi.

Running Time: 92 minutes
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Letterboxed 1.85:1, Mono
 Top Girl -- MYA Communication --

Top Girl (1996)
Director: Joe D Amato
Cast: Carla Solaro, Sonia Topazio, Robert Madison, David D Ingeo, Linda Gucciardo, Claudio Kleen

Patricia (Carla Solaro) is a young beautiful girl living in a small town. One day she has the chance of a lifetime, as she is chosen among many other girls to play the main role on a TV series. She leaves everything behind and moves to Los Angeles to begin a new life. Once there she becomes a TV star and falls in love with Mike (Robert Madison), the cynical and unscrupulous manager of the network. But to find her way she still has much to learn. Cult director Joe D’Amato leads an all star cast for this erotic tale in the depraved world of TV business. With Carla Solaro (Paprika, P.O. Box Tinto Brass, Black Angel), Robert Madison (The Card Player, Mother of Tears) and Sonia Topazio (The Stendhal Syndrome, Gaston Leroux’s The Wax Mask).

Running Time: 98 minutes
Languages: English, Italian
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Full Screen

Release Date:  April 28, 2009

 Craving Desire -- MYA Communication --

Craving Desire (1993)
AKA: Graffiante Desiderio
Director: Sergio Martino
Cast: Vittoria Belvedere, Ron Nummi, Serena Grandi, Andrea Roncato, Simona Borioni

Luigi Muscati (Ron Nummi) is a successful man. He is engaged with Cinzia (Simona Borioni), a girl from a wealthy family, and his career is about to step forward thanks to a very profitable business he’s dealing with. During a visit to Naples, he meets his young cousin Sonia (Vittoria Belvedere). No longer the little girl he played with as a child, she has blossomed into a sensuous and provocative young woman. On his return home, Sonia turns up on his doorstep needing a place to stay and he invites her to live with him. From that moment Luigi’s life is transformed from one of quiet stability to insane passion as Luigi falls hopelessly in love with Sonia. He ends his engagement and immerses himself completely in a series of mind-boggling erotic adventures, until Sonia's true nature is revealed. Sell Points / Extras Features- Sexy and provocative, Vittoria Belvedere stars in this unusual and disturbing thriller, directed by the veteran of ‘giallo’ genre Sergio Martino. Available for the first time in US in DVD, Craving Desire is presented full and uncut.

Running Time: 101 minutes
Languages: Italian, English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Full Screen, Mono, Uncut
 Passion -- MYA Communication --

Passion (1975)
AKA: Simona
Director: Patrick Longchamps
Cast: Laura Antonelli, Maurizio Degli Esposti, Margot Saint’Ange, Raf Vallone, Marc Audier, Ramon Berry, Michel Lechat, Patrick Magee

While watching a bullfight, Simona (Laura Antonelli) relives a traumatic experience she had when she was younger. Simona and her lover Georges (Maurizio Degli Esposti) had a free and joyful sexual relationship, and used to meet on the beach. One day they spot a girl spying on them; she is the young Marquise Marcelle de Paille (Margot Saint’Ange), who lives almost buried alive in her father’s house. Since the premature death of Marcelle’s mother, her father has developed an ambiguous and obsessive attachment to his daughter and will do everything to keep Marcelle near him. Simona and Georges decide to free Marcelle from her captivity with tragic consequences. Sell Points / Extras Features - One of the first movies with Italian sex symbol Laura Antonelli in the main role, Passion was originally banned by Italian censorship and it was released some years after its completion.

Running Time: 85 minutes
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Full Screen, Mono
 The Revenge of the Crusader -- MYA Communication --

The Revenge of the Crusader (1964)
AKA: Genoveffa Di Brabante
Director: Jose Luis Monter, Riccardo Freda
Cast: Alberto Lupo, Maria Jose Alfonso, Stephen Forsyth

Seriously wounded in a skirmish with a group of bandits, Count Sigfrido of Treviri (Alberto Lupo) is taken to the nearby castle of the Duke of Brabant, where he is tended by Duke’s daughter Genoveffa (María José Alfonso). The two gradually fall in love and marry shortly after. Once back in Treviri, Sigfrido leaves for the Crusades and asks to his counsellor Golo (Stephen Forsyth) to look after his wife while he’s away. Attracted to Genoveffa, Golo tries to force his attentions on the Countess who rebuffs him. Golo then has her imprisoned and accused of adultery, until she is condemned to death. Sell Points / Extras Features - A sumptuous production from the golden age of Italian studios Cinecittà, The Revenge of the Crusader is a sword and sandal classic, made by cult director Riccardo Freda.

Running Time: 89 minutes
Languages: Italian
Subtitles: English
Region: NTSC R0
Features: Letterboxed 1.85:1, Mono

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