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Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth - a Worthy Remake? Print E-mail
Written by Jay Creepy   
Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Sorry, Severed Cinema readers and supporters for what I'm about to do, but WHY WHY WHY??? FUCK! SHIT! LEARN YOUR LESSONS YOU DAFT PICKLE HEAD FILM MAKING IDIOTS!!!!

Okay okay, now that that’s done and dusted let's look at the line of failures: Night of the Living Dead 3D – and its prequel, Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection, Night of the Living Dead: Mimesis… oh god, erm and John Russo's unforgivable offspring’s like the tampered anniversary edition of the original and Children of the Living Dead (Yeah, the latter is a sequel, but I wanted to mention it).

Since Savini's excellent remake, there has been countless failures and let's not forget, Romero's son is bringing an origins story soon (see my article) so it gives me great delight in reporting the upcoming in 2015 arrival of Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth. Then I chanced upon the Facebook Page and looked at the pictures and paused... you know it looks like a remake, not a retelling, it's not altering the characters much (unlike Ben in NOTLD 3D) looking like an updated version of the first and Savini's gem. Some of the shots of the walking dead look alarming and rather creepy which is rare in the world of too many zombie flicks in this day and age.

Also, there's a few demo scenes out (see this one then check at the top for more) I quite like the look of this.

Written and directed by Roger Conners, who co-directed Chill and has acted in a few movies including his NOTLD Rebirth, and stars Aswan Harris (who's had uncredited parts in Alex Cross and Captain America: The Winter Soldier) as Ben. Roger Conners is quoted as saying: “My main goal, which is to capture the suspense and sense of claustrophobia of the original film...” Good lad.

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Roger Conners  - Stumbled upon this today.     | |2015-03-24 19:04:24
I occasionally take a moment out of my work day to search for any recent
articles, blogs, or posts I may find on the web regarding our little

This piece really made my day.

Thank you for having an open mind and
understanding that we are trying to do nothing more then pay homage to the film
that created a genre.

We all truly appreciate your kind words and support!
Jennifer Anderson   | |2015-03-24 19:39:58
Thank you for the review! Creepy is exactly what we zombies were trying to
accomplish during the filming. Even while freezing our butts off late at night.
There is a lot of love in this film. A love for the original work that turned
most of us into zombie film fans as well as love for this retelling.
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