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Written by Jay Creepy   
Tuesday, 08 August 2017
Severed Cinema News: Observe The Bizarre Art of Samantha Coming Soon!


It seems every day there's more and more low budget high imagination indie flicks on the way. For instance, The Bizarre Art of Samantha is penned in for 2018 and is currently raising funds. Damn, I simply adore these kinds of creations in the underground. Here's two synopsis' for you to digest:

Sam and Samantha are sisters and deal with drug addiction, but when given a job to sell drugs and when a new drug hits the market, they are faced with their demons. As well as, a creature sent to tear them apart, to better themselves.

Whilst on IMDb:
A creature, comes to earth to tear apart worthy human beings. Administering a drug that makes his victims bodies become mechanical, The Creature retrieves the needed parts and blood, to take back to his home, for use.

Sounds simple, but is it? Adrian Baez is no stranger to slugging it out on the underground. He's a seasoned director, writer and producer, with titles such as Queen Wasp, Who Watched Them Die, My Perversion plus Entrails and Amour under his belt. If you know his movie shorts, you know what to expect.

So he's roped in such names as Kathleen (Queen Wasp, Swine) Maressa, and Warren (Helvete) Chan on the cast, plus covered what will possibly be some Carlton Mellick III style imagination inspired special effects because there's two names involved -- James Bell and Marcus Koch. For those not in the circles of madness, Marcus is a workhorse effects guy who has so many titles on his CV like Frankenstein Created Bikers, American Guinea Pig: Bloodstock, Amerikan Holokaust, Don't Look in the Basement 2, and Hi-8 -- most of which have featured on the pages of Severed Cinema at one time or another. Then there's actor/director and effects head case, James Bell. Jesus! Nutsack and Tantrum are two low budget extreme classics and he did most of the work on them!

Like I said, the film is currently being made. There's various pages on the web, including a few where you can pre-order and pay a bit more to secure yourself a prop and a big thanks in the credits. Then there's a sneak preview trailer which isn't a trailer, just a poke in the right direction, just to fuck you up. Enjoy, courtesy of Severed Cinema...


Pre-order links:



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