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Phantasm V (The Rumours Are Back) Print E-mail
Written by Jay Creepy   
Thursday, 06 June 2013

PHANTASM  V (The Rumours Are Back)

It's almost a horror genre urban legend now, but now and then new rumours circulate about "Phantasm V."  It's been an eternity (around 15 years) since Don Coscarelli wrapped things up with a possible “All a dream” ending to part IV and in some interviews he was satisfied with that.

Then things changed and the Phans spoke out.... over and over.  Every convention, every interview, probably emails, stalkers, all of that.  "Bubba Ho Tep" was excellent, "John Dies At The End," "Incident on and off a Mountain Road," cool material, but Phans need a new "Phantasm" to close the series properly.

About three years ago I chanced upon a two minute video on YouTube showing Angus Scrimm and A. Michael Baldwin reading a scene from a possible script:

The Tall Man: “It's just a dream...

Mike: “No, it's not.

He raises a gun to his head.

Was it a hoax?  A reality?  Either way, I cannot find it any more years later.  I would have loved to have linked it to this article.  Never mind.  What was even worse was the talk of a reboot or remake!  Thankfully, Don Coscarelli has flattened those stories: “There is desire out there to get it done but nothing has felt right so far.  It may happen one day but right now it is not in the cards.

A script has been completed though and the latest little rumour circulating is that Anchor Bay are ready to finance it.  Also, we have the story that Don would consider a 'kickstarter' motion to the film, e.g, a crowd funded project with a comedy notion that if you invest $50,000, “the Tall Man will strangle you on film.  In the same interview (here) he states there are five or six versions of the film written, so if this is true, it shows that he hasn't really forgotten his Phans.

Call me a doubter but I've been getting my hopes up for many years now.  I even became boosted for the comic series which didn't continue after issue one due to legal issues.  The story within was so-so, but may have gone to greater lengths if given the chance.

Basically the rumours carry on, from the idea that James Le Gros would cameo, Mr. Baldwin will be the Tall Man, etcetera.  YouTube is full of unhelpful interview snippets and Phan made trailers.  Speaking on Phan made things, two posters were released by Phans in recent times and here's one for you all to see because it's pretty awesome.

Phantasm V Fan Poster on Severed Cinema

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Geo   | |2013-06-14 03:39:10
Well, we'll see. I really don't like the rumor of Michael Baldwin being The Tall
Man though. Angus Scrimm only please. He's clearly the highlight of the series.
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