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Rampage 3: No Mercy - The Finale Print E-mail
Written by Jay Creepy   
Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Uwe Boll is hit and miss, probably more miss than hit. But does he care? No he doesn't! You see, he gets the stars, he gets the funds, because a lot of people watch his movies. Amongst his hits are his two Rampage movies, two totally brutal and preachy flicks about a young lad who basically goes on a shoot-‘em-up in his town. Things went deeper in part 2, Rampage: Capital Punishment, as he held a TV station hostage and waxed lyrical about society, the rich, in fact everything you hear people talk about but refuse to do anything about. Bill Williamson, played by Brendan Fletcher, really steals the year of indie flicks as a character, and Brendan has to be saluted for his performance.

Things are set to conclude in Rampage 3: No Mercy since our anti-hero escaped the shots and explosions at the end of his previous adventure. This one is due in 2015 and the big surprise is that Boll is reaching out to the fans through IndieGoGo to help out. Apparently, part 2 didn't raise enough love for funding. Shame really, aside from Seed, Rampage and its sequel are quite cool and probably Uwe's best works. He seems more comfortable with a low budget and lesser stars to work his visions.

It's probably the film industry's fault, as he's quoted here: “The movie distribution world is changing in a bad way. Many countries are pirated and movies are just getting free downloaded on the internet. In other countries TV is not showing movies anymore because they are busy showing cooking shows, Real Housewives and other Reality TV shit. As a result the producers cannot make good movies with okay budgets anymore. What is left are big Comic Book studio movies and super small mostly really bad independent movies.”

As for Rampage 3: No Mercy, Uwe Boll says: “I need to finish the saga about Bill Williamson: the biggest mass murderer in US history,” pleads Boll. “Rampage is my ‘Breaking Bad’ – its dark, consequent, merciless, logic and necessary. Rampage 3 will be the final and the end of the story. Without you it will not happen”

 So here's the link to the IndieGoGo page and so far over 3 thousand has been raised.

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