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Ruggero Deodato Brings Us a New Generation of Cannibals!! Print E-mail
Written by Chris Mayo   
Sunday, 01 June 2008

It's been over 25 years since Ruggero Deodato shocked the world with the brutal horrors of Cannibal Holocaust.  Now Deodato is currently working on the official sequel to that infamous film.  Imagination Films are giving Deodato the opportunity to shock the world once more:

"Ruggero Deodato, one of the most innovative horror directors of all time, is about to shock the world again with his newest vision… Cannibals.

In this modern and extremely perturbing look at man's propensity for evil, a story that appears to be taking place in the jungle soon expands to unexpected and terrifying new locations.  While it is comforting to believe that civilized society has progressed beyond barbaric acts of torture and cannibalism, such naïve thinking is far from the truth. Evil is within us and cannot be contained.  Modern advancements in technology have created a world vulnerable to the spread of evil. And so it has… giving birth to increasingly horrific acts of depravity.  Unspeakable savagery no longer exists only within the secretive rituals of uncivilized, uneducated tribes.  Unspeakable savagery is everywhere.

Almost three decades ago, Deodato changed history when four young documentarians disappeared in the Amazon. In 2009, he will do it again.  There is no doubt.  The unabashed examination of perversion in Cannibals will expose modern movie goers to images that will haunt them for years to come."

~ Imagination Films

I was hoping that the film would go back to basics and to its true roots with the portrayal of cannibals back in the jungles of the Amazon.  A cityscape cannibal tale could work, but I'm worried it might turn out to be more of a 28 Days Later film than a Deodato Cannibal exhibit.  Only time will tell...

Here is the promotional poster for the project:

Imagination Films: Cannibals
Severed Cinema Review: Cannibal Holocaust

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