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Scream Theater Double Features DVDs released by VCI Entertainment Print E-mail
Written by Jay Creepy   
Tuesday, 02 October 2012

Flicking through the latest Fangoria I noticed an advert for 8 Scream Theater Double Features DVDs released by VCI Entertainment.  Looking further into it, they are cheap release sets for usually under $10/£5 and are an interesting range.  Reviews have noted that sometimes the quality can be a bit of a muddy transfer and they all lack extras, but if youíre after a cheap nights cuddle up or beer viewing then these could be up your street.  Volume 1: "Sisters of Death"/"Scream Bloody Murder."  Volume 2: "The Last Slumber Party"/"Terror at Tenkiller. "  Volume 3: "Donít Open the Door"/"Donít Look in the Basement."  Volume 4: "The City of the Dead"/"Legend of the Witches." Volume 5: "Blood Cult"/"Revenge."  Volume 6: "Children Shouldnít Play with Dead Things"/"Forever Evil."  Volume 7: "The Swamp of the Ravens"/"Zombie."  Volume 8: "Ruby"/"Kiss of the Tarantula."  What is noteworthy is that they boast restorations of some and, for instance, "City Of The Dead" with Christopher Lee is now uncut.  "Blood Cult" was apparently banned from two college campus grounds (!!!???)  Letís face it, a good few of these films are classics, especially "Donít Look in the Basement," "Children Shouldnít..." , and itís a lot of fun to watch "Swamp of the Ravens" and "Ruby."  For the asking prices donít expect a Synapse, Arrow or Blue Underground affair, just have a laugh and know you havenít just sliced up your bank account.

Donít confuse these with the other box set "Horror Marathon" release on VCI which features "Alice Sweet Alice," "Beast Of The Yellow Night," "Night Creature," "Sisters of Death" (again!) and more, though thatís not a bad cheap set either.

Scream Theater Volume 1: Sisters of Death/Scream Bloody Murder on Severed Cinema Scream Theater Volume 2: Terror at Tenkiller/Last Slumber Party on Severed Cinema

Scream Theater Volume 3: Don't Open the Door/Don't Look in the Basement on Severed Cinema Scream Theater Volume 4: Legend of the Witches/The City of the Dead on Severed Cinema

Scream Theater Volume 5: Blood Cult/Revenge on Severed Cinema Scream Theater Volume 6: Children Shouldnít Play with Dead Things/Forever Evil on Severed Cinema

Scream Theater Volume 7: The Swamp of the Ravens/Zombie on Severed Cinema Scream Theater Volume 8: Ruby/Kiss of the Tarantula on Severed Cinema


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