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The Latest From Matthew Saliba: Frankenstein Unlimited! Print E-mail
Written by Chris Mayo   
Tuesday, 18 August 2009

SINEMA SALIBA proudly presents:

Matthew Saliba's

A Frankenthology of Short Films including:

DARK LOTUS by Matthew Saliba

Matthew Saliba's DARK LOTUS is the third and final entry in the "Sado-Erotic Trilogy", a series of films characterized by their unique use of still images to tell a story.

After the death of his wife, Dr. Orlof (John M. Thomas) attempts to grow himself a new lover (Kayden Rose) in the womb of his deceased beloved. Midway through the process, however, he is confronted by a mob of morally outraged villagers, who along with their leader (Martin Plouffe) brutally attack and murder the doctor. Satisfied with their efforts, the mob leaves without realizing that while they may have been successful in dispatching the good doctor, they failed to kill his experiment and as such, will learn the hard way that Hell hath no fury as a lover scorned!

DARK LOTUS is a sado-surreal film noir shot in sumptuous black-and-white and tinted blue to create a 1920s silent film aesthetic. The film stars Kayden Rose (the stunningly beautiful actress who played Morpho in VAMPYROS LESBOS), Martin Plouffe (legendary star of Izabel Grondin films such as CAVIAR and ASPIRALUX) and John M. Thomas (the iconic star of Saliba's earlier shorts, THE MANIPULATOR AND THE SUBSERVIENT and PANDORA'S PARADOX).

VICTOR by Matthew Forbes

Victor Frankenstein has been a good doctor all his life. When he found a way to create life from death he thought he would be celebrated. However, his community thinks otherwise and they turn on him and his creation. In VICTOR, we follow Dr. Frankenstein as he comes to terms with his ultimate life choice. With the help of some earthly and other-worldly locals he is forced to face the consequences of his decision.


All over the world, Martial arts masters have been found murdered, horribly mutilated, and missing body parts. The perpetrator of these heinous acts (Chow Keung) challenges his Master (the legendary Gordon Liu) to a duel in which pride and principle are put to the test. Only one will survive!

REFLECTION by Maude Michaud

REFLECTION is a contemporary fable that raises the question of what makes someone a monster, based on current society’s standards. It tells the story of Anna, a young disfigured woman, who finds a sense of belonging through her involvement with a troupe of circus and burlesque performers. Her dream comes true the day she decides to have plastic surgery, which grants her the opportunity to live a normal life. She will quickly learn that good things don’t last when she ends up having to – literally – face her demons!

OCCAM'S RAZOR by Peter James

Detectives Whale and Karloff have an interesting case. Frankie and Mary have just turned themselves in for multiple murders. But this isn’t your average confession. An intense cat-and-mouse game ensues leading to a truth the detectives might not be able to handle.

MR. FLUFFENSTEIN by Martin Gauthier

Alice was saddened at the passing of her cat Mr. Fluffy, but being the genius she was, she decided to try to play God and bring him back. But now the neighbors' pets are turning up dead, could this be the work of Mr. Fluffenstein?


Matthew Saliba's FRANKENSTEIN UNLIMITED is a feature-length anthology film composed of six independently produced shorts (one of which stars KILL BILL's Gordon Liu!) by young Quebec filmmakers, all using the themes of the original Frankenstein novel as inspiration.

Launched by Montreal filmmaker Matthew Saliba in the Fall of 2007, FRANKENSTEIN UNLIMITED was conceived with the following ideas in mind:

1. Creating a collaborative of talented filmmakers who would pool together their resources to make a truly independent feature-length film WITHOUT the financial assistance of Government grants.

2. Challenging the status-quo of Quebec "D.I.Y." cinema by proving to the world that there's more than just zombies, gore and bad comedy going on in La Belle Province.

3. Creating dynamic, innovative and mind-blowing shorts that take the themes and mythos of Mary Shelley's creation in bold new directions!

It's been nearly two years since FU was initially launched, and we're very happy to report, the filmmakers involved have delievered on all three points and we're close to unleashing our monster upon audiences around the world!

Matthew Saliba's FRANKENSTEIN UNLIMITED will be holding its WORLD PREMIERE on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 (09/09/09) at Montreal's legendary repertory cinema, CINEMA DU PARC (3575 du Parc)!!!

For more info, look us up on Facebook or visit us on MySpace at:


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Cant wait !!
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