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Written by Jay Creepy   
Monday, 07 July 2014


It is known knowledge now that Guillermo del Toro is to bring the now infamous urban horror movie legend (the rumoured for years but never seems real) At The Mountains of Madness to the big screen as a PG-13 rated film. I guess to reduce and compromise means a big release and it will finally get made with the right backing (Legendary Pictures) Mr. Toro originally envisioned the HP Lovecraft epic as a Rated R beast, but must have changed a lot of his plans. (Meanwhile though, he's turning his hands to Pacific Rim 2).

Let's be realistic here, Hellboy was as good as a PG-13 movie can be, and so was the sequel. Toro managed some pretty awesome images and unforgettable creations. Another thing to consider, only since Stuart Gordon brought us Re-Animator and From Beyond was Lovecraft associated with gore and brutality. For sure, Herbert West as the originally written character was quite knuckle bitingly nasty, but usually whilst reading HP Lovecraft's tales of the Old Ones the last thing on your mind is Rated-R gore. HP Lovecraft is more a writer of atmosphere and sheer confusion. Die Monster Die, The Dunwich Horror and The Crimson Cult for instance, loosely based on Lovecraft in some cases, weren't all out and out violent crazy things.

A PG-13 release might mean a DVD/Blu-Ray Director's Cut with so much he filmed but didn't put on the general release, and a new audience to seek out the masterpieces by Howard P. Lovecraft.

At the Mountains of Madness Concept Art on Severed Cinema - Click to Enlarge

At the Mountains of Madness Concept Art on Severed Cinema - Click to Enlarge

At the Mountains of Madness Concept Art on Severed Cinema - Click to Enlarge

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