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Underrated Horror Movies Set Around Casinos Print E-mail
Written by Severed Sponsor   
Thursday, 19 April 2018
Underrated Horror Movies Set Around Casinos


Underrated Horror movies are all around us, however, not all of them deserve to be underrated. There are a lot of good productions out there that you should really watch. You can find some top underrated horror movies right here.

We all love a good movie, but when it comes to horror movies, not everybody is delighted. You have to admit that once in a while seeing such a film makes you wonder where you can find a list of underrated horror movies. Gambling and horror movies are sometimes the best mach that a director can find. Therefore some of the best-underrated horror movies are set around casinos. Keep reading this article for we will provide you a list of some of the best-underrated horror movies.

Resident Evil: Extinction

When you think of the apocalypse it is already spooky, but if you think of a post-apocalyptic plague and zombies then it gets even worse. The action of this top-underrated horror movie takes place in Las Vegas after it got devastated by a huge fire and it is also suggesting some gambling. Milla Jovovich plays the starring role in this underrated horror movie that depicts a world that resembles Mad Max. An experienced gamblerís eye might simply love the scenes that are coming out of the gambling world and they will find key elements joined together.

The franchise is at the third film and unlike other franchises it did not disappoint anyone and continued to be a great blockbuster according to some critics. To others, however, itís still one of the classic underrated horror movies out there. New games and films that are being released will keep the Resident Evil franchise running.

Leprechaun 3

This is also one of the underrated horror movies made in 1995 and it is also part of a franchise. The film presents a leprechaun waken alive by a pawn shop owner. The Irish Leprechaun is played by Warwick Davis, and the epic thread focuses on finding the gold he has lost. Mixing some comedy with horror makes it a unique an underrated horror movie.

The action takes place in Las Vegas and there is also casino gambling that makes the film even better. Even though the film is quite old, you can call it one of the underrated horror movie classics.

If you are thinking of playing casino games but you just got scared by these movie stories you can try playing online. And here is where you can find 100 free spins no deposit.

Dead Manís Hand

When you first read a film review and words such as rich uncle and inheritance come together, then you know for sure that there is a horror movie. It is exactly what happens in this underrated horror movie, where a young man gets himself in a situation and he inherits a casino that is haunted by old gangster ghosts. It is true that you might find it as an underrated indie horror movie. The film has some interesting scenes that make it interesting to follow and youíll find the ghosts more funny than scary. But donít worry there is also time for you to get goosebumps.

Horror movie fans will find this film at least interesting due to its unique way of projecting actions and taking you to the right feeling.

If you are a fan or just enjoy once in a while seeing a good horror movie and you also like casino gambling you now know what titles that you should be looking for.
Enjoy your time spent in front of the screen and go see one of these underrated horror movies.


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