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In Furs - King of the Witches Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Directed by: Christopher Bouchie
Written by: Christopher Bouchie
Produced by: Nat Higley, Evan Makrogiannis, Vincent Trocki
Cinematography by: Justin Morales
Editing by: Alan Rowe Kelly
Special Effects by: Evan Makrogiannis
Music by: Scott Appleby
Cast: Vito Trigo, Rachel Rose Gilmour, Matt Desiderio, Sarah Schoofs, Edgar Moye
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 60min

Studio: Hallows Eve Films, Secret Lair
Distributor: King of the Witches

In Furs is a haywire indie druggie film from Christopher Bouchie, mastermind behind King of the Witches and The Uneasy Archive. It’s not quite a short and not quite a full length film, clocking in at just over an hour. There are lots of slow building depravity in this one.The lead character Earl (Vito Trigo) is effective and convincing enough as a wrecked out, burnt up and bled dry heroin fiend. Much of the cast deliver competent and convincing performances with good dialogue, especially Matt Desiderio who plays a great imaginary character and voice in the head of Earl, whilst he stupors around in his own drug fuelled chaos.

In Furs, named after a girl Bouchie knew who ran a blog and died during production, pulls the right punches in offering a look at a man blinded by his own heroin addiction. The movie jumps around a few places so pay attention. The ending might have you scratching your head a bit. I couldn't quite figure out where they were going with it and it could definitely have run a bit shorter. It would pack a more powerful wallop if purified down into a more fleshed out short film. That being said, it held my attention. The conclusion, or final build-up, offers some very uncomfortable graphic and gory subject matter which is restrained in the first half.

I did enjoy that whole dead friend on your shoulder scenario where Earl's dead buddy follows him around talking to him. It added some much needed humor to the otherwise dark and bleak subject matter. This idea is no doubt not new to cinema -- American Werewolf in London, Pet Cemetery, A Beautiful Mind, Fight Club, all used similar relationships with figment-ed or imaginary characters. Only our lead actor can see and communicate with the figment but In Furs does it well and it works.  Not to make douche comparisons but Requiem for a Dream or Combat Shock, minus the PTSD come to mind, especially Combat Shock because it has that seedy and grimy edge that In Furs also possesses.

In Furs is about our main character, Earl, who wakes up one morning to a happy relationship to a beautiful woman (Rachel Rose Gilmore) and then wakes up again to his reality, which in his head, is actually a delusion, or is it? When Earl wakes up the second time he's in a trashy crack house-esque apartment with a girl, a little worse for wear (Sarah Schoofs who won an award for the film Gut), who he throws out in a state of confusion, acting like he doesn't know her. He calls his buddy/heroin dealer to drop over to try to put some sense to things but to actually score another bag of goodies. His friend says he wants nothing to do with selling anymore and has one last bag to deliver to someone else. This causes Earl to snap and shit goes downhill from there. The dope Earl's buddy has is said to be cut with some bad stuff making people go batshit bananas, but Earl doesn't care and rails it up his sniffer. Earl then embarks on his hopeless and pointless journey, which only makes sense to him to get his girl back no matter what the cost. I enjoyed the plot and thought it worked well in the film.

Contact Christopher Bouchie on Facebook for more info or reach him on his Uneasy Archive or King of the Witches pages. I believe in Furs will be released very soon so check it out if you’re looking for a gritty slab of underground indie filmmaking.



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