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Inferno - 2016 - Cybercraft Video Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 14 November 2016
Review of Inferno 2016 from Cybercraft Video Productions on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Dionne Copland
Written by: Dionne Copland
Produced by: Dionne Copland, Turner Stewart, Tess Paul
Cinematography by: Turner Stewart
Editing by: Turner Stewart
Music by: Graham Trudeau
Special Effects by: Annette Kim, Ryan Nicholson, Tara O'Connor
Cast: Lee Booker, Dallas Peteson, Angela Way, Stefanie Bartlett, Katie Hayasshida, Evan Gilmore, Tess Paul, Alexander Lowe, Riaan Smit
Year: 2016
Country: Canada
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtime: 13min

Distributor: Cybercraft Video Productions

Computer Hearts co-conspirators, Turner Stewart and Dionne Copland have struck again with a Canadian short film which really gets to the "heart" of the matter (no pun intended).  Computer Hearts had Stewart in the directorís chair but this time around his partner Dionne has taken the reigns for Inferno with Stewart producing, editing and filming. Itís always cool to see Canadian indie stuff, especially horror, because frankly, I don't see much of it being released out of this great country and would love to see more.

Computer Hearts was this great sick and twisted throwback to David Cronenberg's (the great Canadian director himself) Videodrome but with a modern day twist of using the internet as the way to the flesh and not the television. Its visuals, creativity and delivery impressed me. Inferno is a cool short as well, and uses some great one shot cinematography, especially in the opening scene in which the camera zooms around the strip club where the movie takes place. Itís shot clean and cool with crisp sound and engaging quality.

I'm thinking the title, Inferno, has something to do with Dario Argento's eighties instalment in his Three Mothers Trilogy but maybe not. That's what I got from it anyway; to each their own. Just piecing together what happens in the film, the group of strippers and their rituals and activities seem to display this but I don't want to spoil the film so I'll screech to a halt right there. Then again, Inferno is just the name of the club but one of the stripperís names is Lady Inferno so this suggests some kind of sinister or evil-like presence.

Inferno takes place in the nineties, and has a group of guys taking their friend Jason (Dallas Peterson) to a strip club for his 18th birthday. Personally I've never understood this rite of passage, I personally have graced all of 3 strip clubs in my lifetime and they are awkward attempts at women being paid to talk dirty in your ear so you cough up the dough for a private dance. Much the same happens in Inferno, so Copland has done her research. The only flaw is the strippers actually use more "pseudo-caring" tactics to sink their claws into poor Jason. On this same night the new girl in town Bambi (Lee Booker) is trying to woo her first client, and being the kind hearted stripper (?) she appears to be, she hones in her sights on Jason. Jason's buddies are your typical strip club patrons, while Jason is having a hard time getting comfortable in the place and just reeks of awkwardness, especially when Bambi approaches the poor sap.

Inferno is not a gorefest, itís more of a coming of age picture if youíre coming of age involves your douche bag friends dragging you to a strip club where your chances of getting laid are skimpier than the clothing the performers wear. Inferno is an entertaining and well-made short that makes good use of its short running time to get its point across, while portraying some great filmmaking skills. My only beef is I would have liked it to be longer, even if it had turned into some hybrid of Vamp, From Dusk Till Dawn or even Tales From The Crypt Presents: Bordello Of Blood but I guess then it would turn into re-hashed drivel which wouldn't have been cool.

There are not a lot of makeup effects in this but those present do involve indie Canadian guru Ryan Nicholson which is always cool as the dude has achieved international success in his work but also has maintained a Canadian underground indie vibe with his own films. Many thanks to Turner Stewart for sending this along. Check out Cybercraft Video Productions where you can get info on Inferno and other films they are working on, plus I believe there will be a re-release of  Computer Hearts in the near future. Support Canadian indie and underground!!!!!






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