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Ivy - Angerman Distribution Print E-mail
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Written by Jay Creepy   
Thursday, 12 July 2018
Severed Cinema review of Ivy from Angerman Distribution


Directed by: Itai Guberman
Written by: Itai Guberman
Produced by: Asaf Angel, Itai Guberman
Cinematography by: Nati Amos
Edited by: Ezra Jackson
Special Effects by: Tanya Yerushalmi
Cast: Gita Amely, Einav Markel, Zach Cohen, Debbie Levin, Dan Shaked
Year: 2017
Country: Australia
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 15min
Studio: MyIndie Productions
Distributor: Angerman Distribution

It's always nice to review a decent heartfelt short indie flick. Thus coming your reading way via Severed Cinema is a little nutshell of tension called Ivy. It's the latest baby from Itai Guberman, an Australian fella who's behind a series of short movies which were more in the thriller category, yet were apparently accepted by the horror community.

Ivy (which is currently doing the festival circuit and holds a fair few awards) is the first more direct horror by Itai, and since he's full on deep putting together his first feature film, which is also a horror, hopefully it will be his direction for the future cause he's certainly a man with storytelling skills.

Our main lad, Rick, appears to have watched his world fall into jagged pieces. He's a mess, his girl has gone, and everything seems so empty like the bottles around his room. He eats without appetite and wanders around with dead eyes.

“Canned food. Aren't you sick of it yet?” says a voice. “Canned beans, canned cans.” It's a man in a black suit smiling across the room. “Looks like you ran out of alcohol. C'mon Rick, it's been a few weeks now, you need to snap out of it.”

Rick heads to the toilet and a female voice utters through the door, “Isn't it enough you won't leave the apartment, now you're holed up in the bathroom?” He claims he has a condition, to which this lady says it's a coincidence that Ivy left and this condition began.

Are these people real? And why is it wherever Rick goes in his small world, there's a cockroach? There's also a girl who used to be very close to him that arrives to talk to him about the situation he's in. They are all there to support him and shake him from the rut he's allowed himself to collapse into. Rick could be quite simply losing his mind whilst imprisoned within a small world he feels safe.

Or could there be a problem outside the door to his apartment?

Ivy plays like a character driven steady quick thriller for the most part, then intelligently swings itself around to present the viewer with a show stopping twist. Look, it's not original, however, the way it is built up, but thanks goes to Dan Shaked's nice low-key performance which oozes a hidden tension throughout, and it gleefully provides a slam-in-the-guts bloody finale.

Ivy prides itself on being paced and well written. It doesn't matter whether your film is low budget or a mega huge superhero CGI budget, the key still lies in the people on the screen and the writer, regardless – unless you're a young kid that follows the crowd.

So, following on from that, aside from the above mentioned excellent Dan, everybody pays their dues in their parts, keeping the mystery up to the bitter end as to who these characters really are. Ivy is the correct length for a short chiller, however, here's the news – it's part of a bigger and grander film which is currently being produced. I won't say anything about the theme because that may give out a spoiler to sharp-brained Severed readers as to how Ivy concludes. I can totally understand why it has garnered so many supporters and hopefully we'll see a lot more from Itai very soon.




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Acacia  - run 3     | |2018-08-01 06:28:00
A horror film quite attractive with many horror, I love to watch horror
run 3
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