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Wednesday, 11 July 2018
Severed Cinema review of The Sex Doll She-Bitch from Surgical Dalliance Films



AKA: The Doll Movie

Directed by: Jaison H. Costley
Written by: Jaison H. Costley
Produced by: Mark Loren Fletcher, Peter D'Alessio, Jaison H Costley
Cinematography by: Andy Patch
Edited by: C. Jacob Deaton, Matt Johnson, Matt L. O'Connor
Music by: Jaison H. Costley, C. Jacob Deaton, Matt Johnson, The Seeping Vagina Orchestra
Special Effects by: Graham Schofield, Jonathon Zuchowski
Cast: Melinda Chilton, Sitara Falcon, Bob Lanoue, Jaison H. Costley
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 35 min

Distributor: Surgical Dalliance Films

You know that those authentic feeling straight-to-video low budget movies never died right? The type which hung around on the shelves in rental shops with badass covers. You took ‘em home and everything felt good until you loaded the tape. However, done correctly and without forcing the point, it's hard to explain, but some just felt so cool.

The Sex Doll She Bitch, for a recent pic, has that feel to it for the most part. It's trash but it has fun without being too over-the-top jokey at itself. It’s a shame that it's only a chunk over half an hour in running time (maybe a good thing, it doesn't outstay its cheesy welcome) but there's a lot of enjoyment to be had.

We meet William Cronenbourg who's a complete dick, boning some girl in his car. He tosses her out, having to get home to his wife, and on the way rings his granny to try and get some money out of her. Amongst other calls, he tries to arrange a sexual encounter. “I mean, you could give me a hand job, or anal sounds good.” Back home, beer in hand, it transpires that his wife is a blow up doll. She's sat watching some reality cop show (one of those negative done incorrectly moments) on TV.

“Erm, where's my dinner?” he sneers at the doll. “Oh, left over pot roast again?” He starts having a go about the house, the baby, all he wants is a hot meal. She answers in his mind. “We've already been over this!” he replies, “You don't make enough as a waitress to cover day-care!”

He starts telling her why he worked late again. “Perfume??!!” he looks shocked and smells himself. “That's a pine tree air freshener.” William turns on the silent baby doll in the corner. “Waah! Waah!” he shouts. “What do you want?” He returns to his wife. “I will talk to it however I god-damn please!” His mood darkens further and he hits her across her rubber face. “I will beat you like your Daddy used to!” Upon being ordered to the kitchen, his sex doll gets up and sort of lumbers past.

Hell hath no fury like a rubber female scorned. Suddenly a knife is plunged into his stomach. “This is my favourite shirt!” he leaps to his feet and starts throwing his doll around the room. However, she doesn't do too badly, and she basically destroys him with a poker.

Afterwards the misfit cops can't keep straight faces or act much. They find, aside from William's bloody corpse, the doll baby floating in the bath. One of the cops heads off to be sick.

She's on the run. “Be on the lookout. The suspect is a white latex female. Red hair, big set of boobs. I think she killed some dude or something.” goes the police radio as a cop pulls her over. Seconds later, add Cop Killer to her crimes. Our main police lads start to close in on our homicidal silicone girl.

Over at a cheap-ass dive, some gravel-voiced metal band called Cunt Grinder is “gonna cut a hole in your pussies!” A stoner, wise-talking fella picks himself up a gorgeous doll at the bar and takes her to his motel. Things don't end well for him. It's power-drill to the face time and that's just the beginning!!

As a matter of fact, the joke could have been stretched another twenty or so minutes. The Sex Doll She Bitch is childish, stupid, and dreadfully acted, but it's great! The direction is good, the concept is of course highly original, and the cheap gore is splashed around when required. Jaison H. Costley is mainly a sound guy, but he proves to be a talent beyond that right here (he also plays one of the cops).

Yeah, some of the jokes and conversations wear out your patience. The TV shows are way too forced to have an effect, and I skipped a vast majority of the bar scene so perhaps missing vital plot points whilst doing so – yeah, somehow I sincerely doubt that.

For lovers of the weird, the zany, and the downright shit, The Sex Doll She Bitch needs to be watched ASAP. Lots of energy bounces about, but the effects are absolutely way out sloppy and gory. Okay, most are H.G. Lewis pretend, yet the spewing crimson jetting from faces and craniums make up for corny shortfalls. And I don't think anybody will enter this movie expecting jaw dropping realism will they? Me? I'd rather watch ten flicks like this than sit through another Saw or whatever clone knock-off any day of the week.




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