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Written by Jay Creepy   
Monday, 27 August 2018
Severed Cinema review of Goregasm from Wild Eye Releasing



Directed by: Jason Matherne
Written by: Jared Scallions
Produced by: Helen Whiskey, Eric Carle, Jason Matherne, Andre Le Blanc
Cinematography by: Eric Carle
Edited by: Eric Carle, Jason Matherne
Music by: Bill Heintz
Special Effects by: Brian Becnel, Rene Lawhorn, Jason Nystrum
Cast: Ric Kauffman, Doug Ryan, Tanya Dudziak, Jason Beckhouse, Andrea Slocum, Lauren Andress, Steve Waltz.
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 38min

Studio: Terror Optics
Distributed by: Wild Eye Releasing


What more do you want as you cuddle up to your partner whilst supping beer and eating pizza? Goregasm delivers you blood, loud music, naked flesh, curse words, cheap visuals, and a crappy sense of humour. Yep, we're going deep into a level of movie shit which doesn't care and has a great time knowing it. That's why I love these trash flicks, the love just shows. B Movies don't care how they look, they just wanna take you on a journey.

The killer in this one is known as Cockface! So, like I said, we're going deep into a level of movie shit... oh, yes. Why do I do this? To save you or direct you to the bad and the good, that's why. Our first scene is a scabby teen having a good moist hand wobble to a porn playing on his small TV. He has a cool Jason figure by the telly as well. What a lad!

“What the fuck are you doing?” asks Mom. He sez he's watching TV. She looks mad. “That's not TV, that's porn. What did I say would happen?” He smiles and says the Cockface Killer will get him. I guess this family has upgraded the old Victorian anti-masturbation bogeyman, who was known as the Long Legged Scissor Man. He used to cut the fingers off under-age kids for poking about with themselves, you know.

Thus we are blasted by Fisher Price: My First Loud Punk Shouting Band, who play over the credits, as forgettable as those Scooby Doo movie soundtracks (there's The Pallbearers, Die Rotzz and many more in this one), the kid reads some porn mags whilst Mom gets nude in the other room. Suddenly a Nazi looking Cockface Killer smashes through her wall and gets bloodily busy. Cockface beats people to death with a huge dildo, whilst wearing ass cheek revealing pants and has a cock on his mask. In case you wondered what he looked like, there's my description.

Post credits we meet, Mark who works in a punked-up porn shop. He's wearing a Pallbearers t-shirt as well. Small talk with his buddy, then they agree to sell some more porn. The shop is really busy, truth be known. Later we get a glimpse into the way out array of subjects they deal with, plus there’s a couple who fuck in the store all the time. “They're kind of like our mascots now.”

Meanwhile, two detectives in a diner discuss the murder scene. “I mean, when a young boy slices up his own parents in a fit of genital loathing, I wouldn't be shocked if he cuts off his own penis someday.” Detective Depschett (oh what a clever play on a name) tells a rather bewildered and cute, Detective Pentek. She listens to him, but is like “okay.” He goes onwards and upwards diagnosing the mind, and she finally says, “If you say so, but I don't know what you're talking about. I don't think that boy could have killed his parents!” the Goth waitress overhears and adds: “So the Cockface Killer is on the loose again?” They professionally know him as the Fetish Killer.

Porn shop Mark and his girl, Stacy are making the beast with two backs in his doss out room – including a Pink Flamingos Divine poster, and they're interrupted by the dildo swinging maniac. However, they manage to overpower him and run like fuck butt naked. She is left traumatised afterwards. Mark vows to kill their assailant.

Let's meet the C.L.A.M girl gang – Clitoris Legion Against Men. They are led by Mil Dread, a bearded stocky lady who takes no shit, with her accent. We meet them beating down a gay fella who wanted to join their ranks. He's severely buggered and tortured. Then we're back to the horny teens. Mark is planning to get back at Cockface, whilst another girl happens to be planning to have a bath, smoke weed and masturbate home alone. Cockface is outside. She gorily receives his massive dildo between her legs.

Anyway, for a low budget mad house flick, it certainly has a fair few sub-plots. For instance, the porno store has a Glory Hole outlet in the back. Pay 5 bucks and stick your dick in. Unbeknown to anybody, it's the victims of C.L.A.M who are behind the wall after suffering painful probing tortures. Mil Dread hates men due to enduring rapes and other humiliations in Russia after being kidnapped. Oh yeah, one of the detectives is a pervert who happens to have a cruddy Rambo personality disorder.

All the while, the body count is stocking up as high as the rubber dicks in the store. Even the mascot couple have their limbs flying about as Cockface's chainsaw takes them apart. He's an unstoppable brute, going ballistic at a punk show – The Pallbearers of course. It's incredible that every building in town has punk and metal flyers and John Waters posters on the walls.

We do get some really funny sight gags along the way. For instance, when the girl home alone masturbates, it's done quite stylish and she's to the left of a blackened room. As she carries on, Cockface opens the fridge and helps himself to milk.

This is one of those Gore Score 10 out of 10 viewing escapades which proudly shows a lot of imagination in the kills. I particularly enjoyed the interaction and the stories told about some of the customers in the porn shop. Average misfits to outward weird freaks, all come and go. Aside from some over-the-top seriously stupid script weaknesses here and there -- especially between the detectives -- the writing keeps you amused throughout.

Andrea Slocum is top-notch as C.L.A.M leader, Mil Dread, being given a one dimensional character, she has a lot of fun. Our lead roles are filled with shouting actors and actresses who struggle sometimes with their lines unfortunately. I know it's a D.I.Y. flick, but they do distract. It didn't help that a vast amount of scenes and conversations suffered from repetitiveness. 

Goregasm is a cheap and loveable hit, one of a series of Cockface flicks. This is hardcore WTF and a deserved potential watch which sits amongst your DVD or download collection for a while until the mood needles into your skull and bashes your head in like a heavy plastic phallus.




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