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Tuesday, 11 September 2018
Severed Cinema review of Los Angeles Bondage Murders from Cat IV Collective


Directed by: A. Baez
Written by: A. Baez
Produced by: A. Baez
Cinematography by: A. Baez
Editing by: SAM
Music by: Immersa, Sadwrist, Screamerclauz, La Croix & La Banniere
Special Effects by: Matt Holbrook, A. Baez, Kellyn Turrietta, James Bell
Cast: Matt Holbrook, Karri Davis, Shane Ryan, A. Baez, Denis Tolyarenko, Nico D.
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 25 mins

Studio: Mollywalsh Video Productions, Cat IV Collective


I stepped up to this short little slice of madness and my first thought was how it felt like this was a missing segment from Deep Web XXX (see review). I expected the lady who starts this session off wearing leather to hold up a Queen of Hearts playing card. Yeah, Los Angeles Bondage Murders has a slick and sleazy feel to it from the beginning. Come on, judging by the title, what else could we expect? 

We're in the streets of Hollywood, and blonde girl, Kandi, has arrived looking to make a living off the American dream of silver screens. She takes a walk confidently but happens to be seen by a fella on his phone.

On and off so far we cut to gory splattered dead women in various states of being tied up. At one point a masked bloke is taking photographs of the bodies. This is cool, it's as if the more Kandi walks the closer she is going to something rather bad.

Meanwhile, Kandi is getting disheartened, I mean she's only a few hours into something which takes some people years to achieve, but hey, her eyes are wide and filled with glitter. She is chanced upon by the fella with the phone from earlier who promises her a safe modelling session, a second model on site, make-up technician, etcetera. She looks a bit wobbly about the whole thing. Come on, we know where this is going, she must know herself! His name's Mick, and he gives her his number and lets her think about it.

The give-away is the next scene as a dude puts on some music, snorts lines of coke and all the while there's a poster for Tumbling Doll of Flesh kind of perched up behind his tape deck. Next we witness a mind fuck hallucinatory section as he walks through the woods and sometimes hogtied women plus gore flash up on screen. The music is better for this, please stay.

Kandi arrives at the session, making brief chit-chat with the other model, then they're lead through to another room. So, dressed in skimpy gear, they are bound by thin rope then the photo session begins. The do a few poses, but nothing too freaky. Of course everybody figures this calm isn't going to last forever. Soon enough a knife is produced and all bloody hell breaks loose.

There's a bit of Last House on Dead End Street in here, but I'd favour a more comfy comparison to Starry Eyes (2014) but more snuff and dirt based. In such a compact and tiny time, it crams in a lot of crimson and a dollop of trippy visuals. I'm not into the genre of music used throughout so that did spoil my entertainment a bit, but saying that, it's only my personal taste.

Karri Davis is cool in her role as Kandi. She has a range of desperation, pissed off, worry, then sheer terror, so she performs well. The men look average but intimidating. You don't need big brutes who are obviously manic. You believe these chaps are who they play far more due to their pass-you-down-the-street appearance. Our second female cast member unfortunately cannot act very well, but she's only given a few lines to say so I figure she wasn't hired for her vocal ability.

Best of all has to be the editing work which supports the direction brilliantly. For a change, the fast MTV chopping and flashing achieves some tension building here and there.

Adrian Baez has weaved a fine tale here. Los Angeles Bondage Murders is nothing too complex, but it didn't need to be. It just is what it has to be, a vicious little flick. He's produced more titles than directed, but knows how to present something for the sleaze and gorehounds. Saying that, I felt myself longing for far more splatter, and some guts, even as quick flashes around the finale.

Los Angeles Bondage Murders merits a watch, as will the upcoming documentary, I Cut Your Flesh. Yeah, remember that title, it'll find you sooner or later.




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