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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Severed Cinema review of Torture Fetish 2 from Beheading Films


Directed by: Juval Marlon
Written by: Juval Marlon
Produced by: Juval Marlon
Cinematography by: Juval Marlon
Editing by: Juval Marlon
Special Effects by: Juval Marlon
Cast: The director wishes to keep them anonymous though one is obviously him
Year: 2018
Country: Switzerland
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 16 mins

Studio: Beheading Films


There's only a few select elite filmmakers who have the way of making you feel absolutely dirty whilst viewing their works. Dirty on your skin, and totally dirty in your mind as ants crawl around your brain flashing images back of what you have just witnessed. Personally I wouldn't have it any other way.

Amongst the cheese, chocolate, and bank accounts in Switzerland exists a realm unto itself where no unprepared person dare roam – the region where you may find a rather disturbing chap called Juval Marlon. He's so underground that Morlocks living at the centre of the earth have to dig a bit deeper to look for him.

Juval makes sick and challenging cheap shorts. Severed Cinema has witnessed the visions through his rusted and jagged windows before. This is the man who gave the world Strychnine (review here), plus the infamous Torture Fetish. Oh yeah, now you know who I mean, yeah it's that bloke who terrified my poor cat, Crowley with Strychnine.

This time ‘round we have Torture Fetish 2, and for our sins of staring into the dripping gore of a car accident, this one will drag you in within the first minute or so. No messing around, we're in balls deep as a mask wearing lad walks into a room where a half-naked woman is laid out, bag over her head. He grips an ass cheek then gives her a little spanking just to pass the time.

What follows is an almost artistic lengthy shot of a decayed bat obviously bagged for the movie by chance. Hey ho, look at this. Fuck it, let's get the camera out. Next up it's hand-held wobbly shopping as our two lads buy a spray can. “That is exactly what I need.

Ooooh, oh no, the bad guy he is! He's sprayed a swastika on the wall. Oh no, how stereotypically offensive he is! My, my, I don't think I can cope with this film any more. Ha, hopefully I have got the joke and Juval wasn't really trying to offend because that's Fisher Price My First Villain Kit stuff.

Anyway in case his fans and haters forgot about his love of animals, next comes a cute toy puppy on fire just for giggles. “It's burning.” By the time some garden furniture is booted around, you realise that this time ‘round, Juval and his mate are playing more for laughs. “Look at him, he's crazy!” as a white plastic chair is kicked against the wall.

So the story progresses and our dastardly duo have a falling out due to a girl being allowed to join the gang. This ends with one lad dead on the ground and she is a bit shocked. “Oh fuck, babe, what did you do? Is he dead?” Her fella nods. “Yes he is, but it's okay.

Thus our girl acts as bait to hook any man they want and the carnage continues and includes kicking, beating, forced shit eating, stabbing, everything you'd expect two thrill-seeking lovers to do to their petrified captive.

Grubby brown envelope style filmed video tape through the door via some unknown fiend kind of quality as per usual. There is no clean up, no attempt to drown out the background noises. Juval just gives you what he wants you to see. He doesn't entertain anyone. He drains many, but keeps a small following keen. Pure punk, don't care who watches it attitude. Made by him, what he likes, from then on the film takes its own course and finds like-minded individuals.

Juval has taken a bit of time to give us some kind of story though, and everyone involved do their thing with gusto, right down to the helpless victims. It's August Underground with a bit of style and humour.

If you know what to expect, stick your head in the oven for a while and have a watch. If you haven’t been down this road yet, there's blood at the end in the darkness, and a bad smell which could be decayed flesh…




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