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Saturday, 23 February 2019



On the 20th of February, I happened to hang around late night whilst some of my friends were filming a music video on location (incidentally a very powerful Hip Hop track making a huge stance against knife crime in the UK) in my home city, Hull, and discussions began for a potential horror film.

I've been trying to find the time and motivation (yeah, 'cause I can be lazy, plus I work long hours) to shoot a couple of short films for a while, but the scripts haven't felt quite right.

However, the idea put forward by a friend who wants to get this off the ground -- spoke as we all stood shaking in the breezy night air -- really has strength. All I will reveal thus far is the fact it will involve Hip Hop (I'm an ex-emcee), mic battles, and true brutality. Will it be a slasher? A supernatural themed horror? Shall it have the feel of an old school flick? Wait and see...

Meanwhile, to help my mates out, here's a link to their official website: beats-bus.co.uk and it's worth catching the now infamous documentary, A Northern Soul (2018) which has taken the UK by storm for a number of reasons. Starring my oldest friend who I've worked with on and off since the late 80s. Here's the trailer for a taste of my city...


Below there's a couple of stills from the music vid. OK, that's enough plugging 'em now, this is a horror site after all. Hahahaha

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