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Wednesday, 13 March 2019
Severed Cinema DVD review of Mad Foxes (Los Violadores)


AKA: Los Violadores, Desperado's op wielen, Stingray 2, Rockerne og discodrengen, Mad Foxes Feuer auf Rader

Directed by: Paul Grau
Written by: Hans R Walthard, Paul Grau
Produced by: Erwin C. Dietrich, Hans R Walthard
Cinematography by: Kurt Aeschbacher
Editing by: Peter Baumgartner
Music by: E Flat, Walter Baumgartner
Special Effects by: Samuel Nanton
Cast: Jose Gras, Peter Saunders, Andrea Albini, Eric Falk, Brian Billings, Ana Roca, Paul Grau, Hans R Walthard, Helmi Sigg
Year: 1981
Country: Spain
Language: English Dubbed
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 17min

Distributor: ABC DVD

You know how some films can gain such a huge and crazy following just because they push all buttons even though, on release, they were cut to pieces or failed to make any money? Over time the snowball effect builds on the underground to such a giant mountain that they're hard to ignore.

Mad Foxes (Los Violadores), from Spain, is one of the zaniest most over-the-top films of the early 80s and, due to its graphic nature, gets overlooked and becomes hard to track down in a reasonably priced uncut format. It's had a surge in recent years, courtesy of the documentary DVD, Video Nasties 2: The Draconian Days, and if you get hold of it, you'll love it and lick its cover. Why? Because Paul Grau (who isn't known for many directing titles, more of a producer guy) put together a classic of bad taste and madness. We aren't talking Troma style 'let's just make everything bad taste for the sake of selling', we have a serious film that is an authentic captive in the cage of biker sleaze, the latter blast in this era influenced by the colossus hit that was Mad Max. Ridiculously violent and obscene.

Flashy car and even flashier sounding 80s hair metal pounding the soundtrack, we open with our main city dude, Hal, and his girl, zooming along the roads until a group of bikers pull alongside and bug them just because they have a decent car You don't own this street! Unlike the Hells Angel chaps in The Northville Cemetery Massacre (see review here) and the bikers of classics like Easy Rider, etcetera, these lads are dickheads, plain and simple (and of course they have to have a Nazi obsession, I mean what sort of lads would they be if they didn't?). Hal doesn't take any crap though, and soon enough his fighting back results in the death of one of the gang.

Afterwards, Hal and Babsy pop over to a painfully outdated (for 1981) bar which seems to be populated by people arriving from a time portal connected to the late 1960s. For the viewer, we have to endure lengthy minutes of dancing, champagne, and kissing until our couple venture out into the night, giddy, and drunk. Predictably, the bikers are waiting and a bit angry due to the fact their mate is dead. Hal doesn't realise, he starts saying, What have I done? As Hal gets a major beat down, Babsy is stripped and endures rough fingers up her. Well, well, you're still a virgin! Not for much longer...

Hal calls on a friend who owns a martial arts school, and they decide to teach the bikers a lesson. They find the gang holding a funeral at the disused amphitheatre, thus scores of white clad karate students file down the steps. To be fair, the bikers put up a hell of a battle against such overwhelming odds, and it is accompanied by funky bongo driven 70s exploitation music. However, they succumb and in a shocking moment, the leader of the gang has his penis chopped off and fed to him. Whoa, didn't see that coming!

In total jaw dropping fashion, the bikers get their revenge by throwing a grenade into the karate school's training room, then bloodily shooting each and every student, finally getting the whereabouts of Hal out of the head trainer. So following a bit of chaos, there's a lengthy chase in the streets -- Hal's car vs the bikes. Along the way, Hal forgets about Babsy and scores another girl, Lily, in his smooth vehicle. They drive over to see his folks in their mansion, after shaking off the bikers and stay there, where the more and more unlikeable, Hal, makes out with Lily in a mucky bath. Boring padding derails the movie for a while as we meet everyone in the mansion, before Hal and Lily fuck again outside with scuzzy saxophones playing.

Meanwhile we witness some of the hijinks our lovable biker rogues get up to, and somehow I found myself backing them to totally annihilate Hal. Not to disappoint, it isn't long before they track him down and thus begins a hardcore massacre, shoving Hal into a traditional all-out war vigilante state of mind.

Mad Foxes doesn't shy from show-stopping violence and bloodshed. Shears into faces, a castration, loads of gory bullet ridden dancing torsos, stabbings, it's got a whole chapter. Jose Gras who plays Hal, also starred in one of my favourites, Zombie Creeping Flesh, comes into his own when he goes out after the gang one by one. He's cold and to the point like a Euro variation of Michael Caine in Get Carter. Director, Paul Grau handles the action scenes like a boss, catching each glory shot and angle whilst not over-killing the moments.

Let's add a huge cauldron of male and female full frontal nudity to the graphic crimson and some everlasting sex scenes. What a hit we have for the seeker of obscure nasties. Eric Falk is the other 'name' actor, being that he featured in a wad of porno flicks with titles such as Around the World in 80 Beds and Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School. Eric is a dominating figure who doesn't mind waving his hairy pendulum around the place. It also looks like Andrea Albini who portrays the mistreated, Babsy, was a big name in her native country, judging by the large CV she possessed before she passed away.

Trailers on the ABC full uncut DVD include raincoat movies like Rolls Royce Baby, and a few Nasty Nazi kind of things but nothing else.

Mad Foxes isn't what you'd expect. It looks like a cheap and bloody underground film, and that's exactly what it is, but it raises its dirty head and looks you in the eyes compelling you onwards. It's a violent funky enjoyable romp, giving no mercy to the watcher.

Mad Foxes is available to rent on Amazon. If the movie isn't available to rent via your country's Amazon, consider using a VPN to rent it. It's definitely worth the view.



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 Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 16:9
 Region: PAL R0
 Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 (German, English, Spanish)


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amy   | |2019-03-28 13:49:53
I got this on amazon.. Very rare.. Paid 20 for this..
It was pretty good.
The ending was funny, It wasn`t available to my region. Thanks to firestick vpn for make it happen.
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