Blue Underground Goes De Sade Blu!
Written by Jay Creepy   
Tuesday, 26 March 2019
Blue Underground Goes De Sade Blu!


At the end of 2018, the gang at Blue Underground put out some classy Blu-ray films including Maniac and Zombie (Zombie Flesh Eaters). These 3-disc epics (Zombie has three varied covers) have literally captured the market for collectors it seems I keep seeing them all over Facebook.

2019 will bring us two classic Marquis De Sade adaptations from the label in fine form as per usual. Starring such elite names like Christopher Lee, Jack Palance and Klaus Kinski, the two titles happen to be Justine and Eugenie: The Story of her Journey into Perversion.

Who helmed these artistic and arty creations? None other than Mr. Jesus Franco. The last time I watched these two were on a grainy over copied VHS tape (uncut at least) so I may have to invest.

Both films are coming out in May. Justine includes interviews with Jess Franco and producer Harry Alan Towers whilst Eugenie treats us to interviews with Christopher Lee, Marie Liljedalh as well as the prior two chaps as well. Plus both flicks have Stephen Thrower lobbing on some thoughts (he is an expert of Mr. Franco's world).

So, come May, the artistic amongst us all will sip a wine and watch -- the perverts will grab a box of tissues. Either way, these titles will be in demand. I am not commenting on which group I fall into.



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