The Lost Film Opera Mortem Coming Soon!
Written by Jay Creepy   
Wednesday, 27 March 2019
The Lost Film Opera Mortem Coming Soon!



Opera Mortem Poster Artwork

There was a curious happening at a festival recently in Paris I heard about through a friend. The festival happened to be showing House of Flesh Mannequins: 10th Anniversary Edition (Severed Cinema review forthcoming), of which I am featured in as a blood soaked nude clown. This is how I first heard about something rather weird, as my mate told me about the showings, he mentioned it, and a five minute teaser revealed to the crowd beforehand. Five minutes of Opera Mortem!

I'm now in contact with someone who is in the circle of folks that have been restoring and bringing this legendary lost 1970s underground art film back to life. There is an intense air of mystery circling the film which is called Opera Mortem. As a matter of fact, its story and history plays like a movie or paperback itself before we even get to the celluloid beast.

What is known revolves around an English painter called David Fleas and his experimental film which took the best part of ten years to create. Opera Mortem was shown only once in Nottingham decades ago, I suppose in a lesser form than what is to come (it has been well polished digitally in places due to print damage) and garnered a reaction from the audience more on that soon.

The film vanished, and David Fleas passed away. Enter collector Giovanni Mele and his excursions around markets and places where gems hide amongst trash. He purchased a case filled with old films. Mainly cartoons, battered tapes and some unlabelled ones I figured may just be home footage stuff. One he watched happened to be Opera Mortem. Described as weird, trippy, filled with graphic blood, sex, and black magical ritualistic symbols, Giovanni knew he was onto something so tracked down David's son who seemed less than enthusiastic to speak about his late Pops and this film. The rights were sold and Giovanni begun the process of saving this film and also trying to find out more about the maker.

Locals who recall David Fleas suggest Satanism, madness, and other such things (some interviews are being compiled for its release). What adds to the legend (in a John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns sort of way) is the reported violent incidents after its one and only screening back in the day. So, we move onto modern times and five minutes were revealed recently in France at a film festival. My original contact witnessed the audience just sat in silence staring at the nightmarish footage shown to them. He expected laughter, or just general chit-chat, but none of it. They all just seated quietly, mesmerized. Soon after the teaser, something went wrong as the next film showed. Yeah, some folks blame the 'cursed' film as it is getting to be known.

Scary talk from people observing a genuine fluke accident? Truth bending? Or is it the fact that a genuine eerie force envelopes Opera Mortem? One thing is for certain, judging by the trailer, this is going to be a hard experience. Meanwhile, a few of David Fleas's paintings have surfaced for sale, probably in preparation for what is to come once Opera Mortem is unleashed. Shot in Super 8MM and digitally restored, it will be out soon. I will keep Severed Cinema updated.

Incidentally, I have also been told that a certain big horror website has distorted some facts in their articles and have placed an aura of ridicule upon the film already. Meh, I at least know I've told only what has been passed on to me from relevant sources in this gradually building monster.

Here's a trailer I found via Dread Central's YouTube:

More information:

Opera Mortem Screenshot

Opera Mortem Screenshot

Opera Mortem Screenshot

Opera Mortem Screenshot



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