Ghoul is Coming in 2020!
Written by Jay Creepy   
Thursday, 01 August 2019


John Ward, the geezer behind 2018's low budget nasty, Meathook Massacre 4, two Axemas shorts, plus an acting role here 'n' there (Clown Motel Massacre, Drug Z) is bringing us a new underground creature in 2020.

Currently, the script is being tightened, whilst casting is still ongoing, but John Ward is a very hard working chap yet, to be honest, from what I've heard via sources, the campaign to raise required funds isn't going too fantastic. I know, this is an oversaturated market of begging bowls for flicks, and it's easy to like the sound of one, then not bother chipping in, but let's be clear, there's a lot of stinkers coming out of these Indie Go Go's, etcetera, like the makers have promised the world and delivered a pebble.

John is a committed man, as are many others who are dedicated to making something good. Ghoul sounds fresh with an old school sense (moving into an old house that you reckon is haunted. Suddenly the angry neighbour, and a thief, amongst others, are getting slaughtered by something in the attic).

He's yanked in a few talents Mary Olsen of I Spit on Your Grave: Deja-vu, Killjoy's Psycho Circus, and Paranormal Activity 3, John R. Walker, who's popped up in Auton 2 (cool, I like the older Dr. Who spin-offs), Doctor Who itself, Being Human, Nemesis 5, and loads of things usually as extras and small roles, but he's building a kind of Roy Evans or Talfryn Thomas sort of vibe to his CV, and Julie Ann Prescott over seventy titles to her name. Indeed.

What's more, the campaign page offers the usual but fun rewards, from shout-outs, props from the movie, signed stuff, and others bits 'n' bobs.

Here's a link to the FB page, which John updates as much as poss...

Also, the Indie GoGo funder itself:



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