Will Ulli Lommel's Boogeyman Return?
Written by Jay Creepy   
Sunday, 25 August 2019


He may have passed away in 2017, but the scary film stallion, Ulli Lommel's name still lives as his Boogeyman has a new sequel and continuation (Boogeyman Reincarnation) which promises to have that great atmosphere of the first and it's directed by our lost pal, Ulli. Originally reported by websites in 2016, it has floated about for a while, but I have just noticed on IMDb it now shows as 'completed'. I hope this is true, and a salvaged work is due soon.

Rumours were abound that the finished film was to be gutted and converted into a TV series entitled Boogeyman Chronicles, yet I cannot find any evidence that this said show appeared. Starring Skylar (Supernatural, The 100) Radzion, Laurence R (Human Centipede 2 & 3, Frankenstein Created Bikers) Harvey and Thomas (Sturmgewehr, Katharsis) Goersch, we need this film in some form or other.

Just check the old teaser trailer for Boogeyman Reincarnation... youtu.be/8hDwcoKktVk


A terrible crime echoes through the ages, as the souls of the condemned pay an eternal price for their vicious acts upon the innocent.

Indeed. Any information would be appreciated.

Severed Cinema News: Will Ulli Lommel's Boogeyman Return?

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