All the French Are Whores (Toutes Les Français Sont Putains)
Written by Chris Mayo   
Sunday, 01 June 2008

AKA: All the French Are Whores
Directed by: Matthew D. Reel
Written by: Matthew D. Reel
Produced by: Luke Rook
Cinematography by: Kevin Lessek
Editing by: Matthew D. Reel
Cast: Kevin Elske McCain, Luke Rook, Matthew Copley
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 33 Minutes

Studio: LuluHell Productions

Matthew Reel has already proven himself as a visionary director with his two previous works The Goat Sucker and Bath Water.  This time around Reel takes the viewer into another unique narrative and continues to advance his visual style with his unconventional take on the love story, Toutes Les Français Sont Putains.

A Man (Luke Rook) sits at the foot of his bed watching porn while a Woman (Elske McCain), his significant other, reads.  “Fuck me” the man requests/demands of the woman, which is refused with a terse “no.”  Several more pathetic attempts at intercourse-begging are met with a resounding no.  The Man's ordeal is further aggravated when his Woman (or lack thereof) opens her blouse, unleashing her desirable booming breasts.  Dealing with the emotional pain of reject our protagonist is sent spiraling over the edge.  In an effort to capture the affection of his love, our hero goes on an unforgettable spiritual journey across the city after filling his shoes with bits of broken glass.

Toutes Les Français Sont Putains accomplishes its goal of depicting love, pain and power and the desire we all have for acceptance from the opposite sex.  Our main character feels dejected.  He is filled with torment.  This journey might possibly bring him answers.  Maybe bring him the self fulfillment and acquiescence he seeks.  By filling his shoes with broken glass, he is able to mask his self-hatred and emotional pain with physical pain.  The journey also mirrors that of Christ and his journey carrying the cross to his crucifixion.  Our hero bears the cross of emotional duress.  Oftentimes the journey is hard to watch, as each agonizing step causes crimson to eject from his shoes which is truly cringe-worthy.  Luckily the allure of Elske McCain makes other scenes easy on the eyes.

Toutes Les Français Sont Putains has a washed out pallet of soft pastel hues creating an ethereal atmosphere that compliments the religious overtones of the film.  McCain and Rook do a great job in their roles primarily showing their characters through actions rather than dialog.  Fans of Matthew Reel's work should have already delved into this but if not, what are you waiting for?  This is Matthew Reel's best work to date and comes highly recommended.  Did I mention it has Elske McCain?

Keep watch for Reel's upcoming feature film debut, Jessicka Rabid, starring none other than Ms. McCain!

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The Trickless Magician   | |2008-08-02 03:23:33
Wouldn't announcing your bias be the more journalistically responsible thing to
do? And wouldn't it also help the reader realize that you're not even attempting
to be objective with this review?
Chris Mayo     |SAdministrator |2008-08-06 19:31:31
How am I biased when pertaining to this review or any others I have

When I review movies they are based on my own opinion. Not everyone
will agree with the opinions I profess pertaining to cinema, which is why the
reader should gauge their own opinion based on the individual reviewer. With
films I feel less strongly for, I try to be more objective. I attempt to find
the merit others might detect in a given film that I don't see.

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