Howard TV Halloween Special 2008, The
Written by Chris Mayo   
Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Directed by: Mike Schiff
Written by: Richard Christy, Sal Governale, Mike Schiff
Produced by: Mike Schiff, Doug Z. Goodstein
Cinematography by: Mike Schiff
Editing by: Mike Schiff
Music by: Richard Christy
Cast: High-Pitch Eric, Sal Governale, Richard Christy, Jason Kaplan, Victoria Zdrok, Siobhan the Transsexual, Fred the Elephant Boy, John the Stutterer, Iron Sheik, Beetlejuice
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 30 minutes

Distributor: Howard TV On Demand

Howard Stern Show

If you don’t already know that Howard Stern has his own on demand television channel, Howard TV, then check your pulse.  Howard TV showcases daily footage from the Howard Stern Show, in its hilarious uncut glory.  In addition to the uncut footage from the Stern show on Sirius Satellite Radio, Howard TV produces original programming.  This Mundtober... er October, Howard TV has concocted a wickedly funny Halloween special which will appeal to rabid Stern fans and horror/comedy fans alike.  Much like The Simpsons Halloween specials, Howard TV takes us on a trilogy of terror with an anthology horror spoof of the series Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  This decadent anthology is presented by Alfred “Inchcock”, played by the startlingly grotesque, but craptacular High-Pitch Eric.  High-Pitch introduces each tale wearing nothing but a necktie, as he stuffs his face with chocolate and pizza.  This is the most horrifying aspect of the entire special.

Our first tale, The Monster, follows Sal the Stockbroker (Sal Governale) trapped in his own home, as he hides from a terrible monster.  Shot black and white in a serious tone, this short actually creates a semi-foreboding atmosphere with some comedic undertones.  When The Monster is finally unleashed, and if you’re familiar with Sal’s comedy, Stern fans will get a big kick out of Sal’s deepest, darkest most bloodcurdling fear.

The Deadliest Breath is up next which was spawned from Howard Stern’s biggest nightmare -- Stern producer Baba Booey’s (Gary Dell’Abate) rancid breath!  Narrated by (former Death drummer and current Stern staffer) Richard Christy from around a makeshift campfire, this tormented tale explores Baba Booey’s (played by someone sporting the hilarious Baba Booey mask) breakdown after years of ridicule from children, friends and colleagues due to his festering breath.  In true Stern show fashion, Gary “reeks” revenge on his attackers by making his breath so bad it can kill!  By chowing down on the freshly pinched turd of Jason Kaplan, Baba Booey’s breath becomes so noxious by the new lethal combo of Booey breath and freshly eaten shit that when he breathes on his victims, their faces rot away.  Stern staffers don’t have a chance from that ghastly breath of Gary Dell’Abate!

The final entry into the trilogy is also the funniest.  Introduced by High-Pitch with a mouth full of pizza, Mmmgammhmuf…… woamh features Penthouse Pet Victoria Zdrok as she tries to escape from a psychopath who has broken into her home.  When various attempts at calling emergency services for help is fruitless (the people on the other end are all unintelligible Whack Packers) Victoria takes matters into her own hands, and must kill the attacker before it is too late.  As mentioned above Mmmgammhmuf…… woamh is the funniest short of the trio, all due to the Whack Pack answering the emergency services line.  All Whack Packers involved are highlights including John the Stutterer who can’t get a word out, the Iron Sheik who goes on his usual tirade, Beetlejuice with the classic line “you’re on your own bitch!” and even Fred the Elephant Boy for good measure.  The killer’s motive for murder also merits recognition.

Written by Stern phony-phone-callers Richard Christy, Sal Governale and director Mike Schiff, this trio delivers an often hilarious, often grotesque, and very festive Halloween treat this ghoulish season.  Subscribers of Howard TV should have viewed this by now, but if not what better than to tune in this Hell Night.  People not privileged enough to have Howard TV are missing out on another great piece of original programming from the Howard TV crew.  One can only hope this type of horror/comedy anthology is continued next Halloween.

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