Severin-it-up with Emmanuelle and the Malicious Whore
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Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Severin Films

Today, February 24th, 2009 marks some more awesome genre releases from Severin Films that should have Laura Gemser and Eurosleaze fans in general, very excited!  Today four more great titles have been released from our good friends Severin Films:  D’Amato’s Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade, Black Emanuelle 2, Black Emmanuelle / White Emmanuelle, and the sleaziest of them all Malabimba - The Malicious Whore!  Excited?  Check out the specs below:

Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade --

The Rarest BLACK EMANUELLE Of All Now Uncut & Uncensored For The First Time Ever In America!

In this final Laura Gemser/Joe D Amato/BLACK EMMANUELLE collaboration, the globetrotting journalist penetrates a prostitution ring that auctions beautiful young girls to wealthy old men. But along the way, our ever-stunning heroine will still find time to indulge in torrid three-ways, Sapphic passion, multiple gangbangs and transvestite kung fu. From the dark continent of Africa to the black heart of New York City to the luxurious bordellos of Southern California, writer/director D Amato delivers a deliciously dirty farewell to the legendary collaboration that re-defined EuroSleaze forever. Ely Galleani (EMANUELLE IN BANGKOK), Gabriele Tinti (BLACK EMANUELLE/WHITE EMANUELLE), and Venantino Venantini (CANNIBAL FEROX) co-star in this long-unseen flesh-fest, now fully restored from a vault print discovered in the private collection of a depraved European industrialist!

Colour / 1.85:1 / 16x9 / 89 mins / Not Rated / $29.95
Reg 1 (USA) (NTSC) / DVD 5
English Dolby Digital Mono
UPC 891635001537 / Item SEV1126

Director: Aristide Massaccesi (as Joe D'Amato)

Starring: Laura Gemser, Ely Galleani, Gabriele Tinti, Venantino Venantini.

Aka: La via della prostituzione / Emanuelle et les filles de Madame Claude

- After Hours With Joe D'Amato - Interview with Director Joe D'Amato
- Theatrical Trailer


Black Emanuelle 2 --

An All New BLACK EMANUELLE On An Erotic Odyssey Like No Other!

In her first and only screen appearance, insanely voluptuous Sharon Lesley takes over the role of supermodel Emanuelle, now confined to a Manhattan psychiatric clinic with an acute case of extreme amnesia and depraved fantasies. Can her doctor (Angelo Infanti of THE GODFATHER) unravel a Freudian nightmare of incestuous hungers, lesbian longings, rampant nymphomania and inexplicable body painting to solve the shocking mystery of her bizarre sexual trauma European sexploitation icon Dagmar Lassander (HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON) co-stars in this unique and often-censored entry in the series, directed by original BLACK EMANUELLE creator Bitto Albertini and presented on DVD for the first time ever in America.

Colour / 1.85:1 / 16x9 / 92 mins / Not Rated / $29.95
Reg 0 (ALL) (NTSC) / DVD 5
English Dolby Digital Mono
UPC 891635001520 / Item SEV1125

Director: Adalberto Albertini (as Albert Thomas)

Starring: Angelo Infanti, Sharon Lesley, Don Powell, Dagmar Lassander.

Aka: Emanuelle nera no 2 / The New Black Emanuelle

- Diva 70 - Interview with Star Dagmar Lassander


Black Emmanuelle White Emmanuelle --

From the Oscar® Nominated Screenwriter of LA DOLCE VITA and 8½
Now Uncut & Uncensored With Footage Never Before Seen In America!

It's the ultimate meeting of the Emanuelles as Laura Gemser comes together with Annie Belle of LAURE fame for an eye-popping coupling of EuroErotica goddesses. In this desert paradise of pleasure and pain, a glamorous fashion model (Gemser) and a free-spirited beauty (Belle) surrender themselves to complete sexual ecstasy. But will an unhinged holy man (Al Cliver of ZOMBIE and THE BEYOND) now lead these new lovers as well as their friends and even family members into the most shockingly immoral acts imaginable Susan Scott (DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS), Gabriele Tinti (EMANUELLE IN AMERICA) and Feodor Chaliapin (MOONSTRUCK) co-star in this rarely seen scorcher also known as SMOOTH VELVET, RAW SILK and EMANUELLE IN EGYPT written and directed by long-time Fellini collaborator Brunello Rondi.

Colour / 2.35:1 / 16x9 / 94 mins / Not Rated / $29.95
Reg 1 (USA) (NTSC) / DVD 5
English / Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 / English Subtitles
UPC 891635001513 / Item SEV1124

Director: Brunello Rondi

Starring: Laura Gemser, Annie Belle [Annie Brilland], Al Cliver [Pier Luigi Conti], Gabriele Tinti.

Aka: Velluto nero / Emanuelle in Egypt / Black Velvet White Silk / Smooth Velvet Raw Silk

- Black Velvet - Interviews with Stars Annie Belle and Al Cliver
- Theatrical Trailer


Malabimba The Malicious Whore --

Unholy UNRATED version!

Severin Films is proud to unleash one of the most degenerate treasures in Eurosleaze history! Delicious Katell Laennec (in her one and only screen appearance) stars as Bimba, a teenage temptress who plunges her entire family - including her widowed father, wanton aunt, invalid uncle and even a beloved nun - into th depths of sexual depravity. Is she possessed by demonic lust or just going through a really freaky puberty? Evil hungers for the ultimate in unholy pleasure. The Devil demands MALABIMBA!

The gorgeous Mariangela Giordano (SATAN'S BABY DOLL) and voluptuous Patrizia Webley (SALON KITTY) co-star in this sex-crazed shocker from Andrea Bianchi(infamous director of STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER and BURIAL GROUND).This unrated version is officially released on DVD for the first time anywhere in the world via an exclusive pact with Satan himself!

Colour / 1.85:1 / 16x9 / 88 mins / Not Rated / $29.95
Reg 1 (USA) (NTSC) / DVD 9
English / Italian Dolby Digital 2.0 / English Subtitles
UPC 891635001544 / Item SEV1148

Director: Andrea Bianchi (as Andrew White)

Starring: Katell Laennec, Patrizia Webley, Enzo Fisichella, Mariangela Giordano .

- Deleted scene
- Integral version - Watch the feature with deleted scenes incorporated back into the movie
- Malabimba Uncovered - Interviews with Actress Mariangela Giordano and Cinematographer Franco Vill



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