Blood Sisters
Written by Chris Mayo   
Friday, 11 January 2008


AKA: Senketsu No Kizuna: Kichiku Reipuhan O Shinkan Saseta  Shimai, Sisters of Blood
Directed by: Daisuke Yamanouchi
Written by: Daisuke Yamanouchi
Produced by: Tadanobu Hirao
Cinematography by: Masayoshi Nakai
Music by: Fumio Kaneko
Cast: Kahori Asakura, Tadashi Matsuzawa, Toshimaru Murai, Salmon Sakeyama, Ayumu Tokitô, Eisuke Tônô
Year: 2000
Country: Japan
Color: Color
Runtime: 67 Minutes

Daisuke Yamanouchi, is largely known for his post-Guinea Pig series entitled the Red Room films, which have been hailed as the new progression of the Guinea Pig simulated torture film.  So far two have been released, but between sequels Daisuke Yamanouchi released a separate film, more disturbing and grotesque than the already completed Red Room films will ever be.  This film is titled Blood Sisters, and is arguably the sickest Rape Revenge film of its sub-genre.

The film opens with a skull t-shirt clad man struggling to jab a sign into the gravel ridden ground for a deserted beach.  During his struggle with the land and the sign, he meets an attractive female who takes him home.  Once inside, we notice that the room containing the bed is completely lined with plastic.  The willful female disrobes to her underwear.  After an aggressive grope of her breast, the man thrusts her upon the bed and has his way with her, violently.  This guy grunts and moans, with twisted glee, and blood comes from between her legs.  As if this sequence wasn’t enough, after this creep is finished, the director decides to show ejaculate spew from between her legs (crude sound FX and all).  Finally the female shows her rapist an X-shaped scar on her forehead which scares him for an unknown reason (at this point in time, during the film).  She reaches by her bedside for what looks to be an amateur constructed tinfoil knife.  She stabs him square in the mouth, and her sister enters fulfilling her vengeance by gutting her sister’s rapist, spilling his entrails to the floor.

From this point on, the film goes back to the past, and shows more reasoning behind her luring of this rapist into her home.  Apparently, some time prior a group of four men abduct the sisters while hitchhiking, taking them to a cabin for endlessly malicious depictions of rape and degradation, showing Japanese cultures misogynistic attitude towards women.  As if the first rape scene wasn’t enough, the men later pack rocks inside their victims before raping them.  In true I Spit on Your Grave homage, the group also contains a retarded member to join in on these twisted acts.

Irreversible is a member of the “Rape Revenge” sub-genre, and does contain another sickeningly graphic rape scene.  Its intent was to portray rape as terrible as it actually is, without pussyfooting around the issue.  Rape is a terrible thing, and Gaspar Noé wanted to portray it as such, for that reason.  With Blood Sisters, the film also portrays rape in the same grotesque way, but with a different purpose in mind.  It would seem that director Daisuke Yamanouchi created a “Rape Revenge” film, not to portray the horrors of rape, or to allow his female characters mere revenge, but to showcase the degradation and humiliation of women.  The primary depiction of rape in this film is proof enough.

Shot on his usual video format, this may be Daisuke Yamanouchi’s most accomplished work to date next to Girl Hell 1999.  It surely outdoes the over appreciated Red Room series.  Whatever one believes Daisuke Yamanouchi’s purpose was in creating a film of such repulsion, one can’t help but admit, it accomplishes whatever it set out to --   whether to horrify, or sicken, or to vilify the female race -- it accomplishes both.  Do you think you’re ready for a film like this?  I still don’t know if I am…









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