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Friday, 06 March 2015
Directed by
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AKA: Zombi 7, Zombie 2001: Battle Royale.

Directed by:
Andreas Schnaas
Written by:
Andreas Schnaas
Produced by:
Ralp Hess, Matthias Kerl, Reel Gore Entertainment
Cinematography by:
Steve Aquilina
Editing by:
Steve Aquilini
Music by:
Gregg Parker
Special Effects by:
Andreas Schnaas, Marc Trinkhaus, Christian Biallas
Matthias Kerl, Ralf Hess, Mathias Abbes, Petra Runge, Wolfgang Hinz
English Dubbed
1h 15 min

Studio: Reel Gore Entertainment
Distributor: Cine Club

There is a narrated warning to begin this epic, about the extreme gore content -- how not to sell it to kids, etcetera. I'd like to add something to this: 'Warning, pt. II. The motion picture you are about to see contains scenes of cheap camera work, shoddy acting, smirking, and the greatest dubbing job ever. We recommend a top class sense of humor when watching.'

Zombie 90: Extreme Pestilence is neighbour to J.R. Bookwalter's The Dead Next Door. In fact, no, it's down the street, past the dark litter strewn alley and lives in a derelict house. It's that kind of level. You know what? Zombie 90 knows how bad it is, and it loves the fact. In fact, to rub our faces into a plate of steaming innards, Zombie 90, as I said, has the greatest dubbing job ever. According to Steve Aquilina, interviewed back in the early 1990's by U.K magazine, In The Flesh, the dubbing voices were performed by; “friends of mine in Hamburg. Americans who live in Hamburg. We thought if you give the film serious dialogue it doesn't work...” Most of the time, they stick to the script, just play with voices, and other times later in the film, well...

We start with an A-Team style introduction as a military plane flies. It's “January 1990,” this aircraft is loaded with toxic chemicals, on a secret mission, and so on. However, “It never reaches its destination.” The actual crash isn't shown. We see just the aftermath which is simply loads of fly tipped trash scattered around the woods to symbolize debris. Cut to a hospital, and reporters (I think) grab Dr. Bern in the corridor. “Is it true people are being attacked by zombies? Do you believe in zombies?” Dr. Bern says, “No comment.” but they don't quit. “Is there a maniac on the loose?” He walks off.

“Man, I can't believe those guys, Jesus! Ruffled my jacket, damn!” Yep, your ears will not deceive you, a white doctor has been dubbed to sound like a pimp similar to Tony (Bobby Rhodes) in Demons. It gets better, see, because the next scene has a guy called Dr. Simon performing an operation on a dying man. Dr. Simon's voice is a nostril pinched Zed from the Police Academy movies. “Scalpel..... Sponge..... Hmm just like my momma used to make.” as he slices into the guts. Dr. Bern enters the room as the now dead patient re-animates, pulling his organs from his stomach. He produces a gun and shoots directly to the head. “This is the new pestilence!” he states.

Afterwards, he and Dr. Simon discuss things. They decide the next dead body must be examined in Bern's private lab. “If you say so, but I don't feel too good about it.” Dr. Simon whines.

Next, there's some fella in the woods being attacked by a chainsaw wielding zombie who then waves his victims innards around like a trophy, whilst smiling. (Did I mention the soundtrack? Well, at this point it's like a shrieking guinea pig being slowly squeezed and emptied to make a glove puppet).

A quick few moments of the doctors carrying a corpse from the car, then we move to two women chatting in a sauna. One woman has a man’s voice -- I can't breathe!!!! Of course, one of the women, Tracy, goes off to take a shower and is hacked to pieces by zombies. The gruesome pleasures include a slowly and lovingly breast sliced off moment. The second girl doesn't last much longer. Squelchy sounds, knife cuts, mad music, and so on. The gore reminded me of Zombi 3/a.k.a. Burial Ground, and like that walking dead gem, the camera likes to zoom in and the blood is filmed way too long.

Working on their cadaver, Dr, Bern figures that what has re-animated them is something originally created to fight the AIDS virus. Believe me, he knows this, not by checking samples, but by simply looking at the corpse as Dr. Simon cuts into it. Suddenly there's living dead hands at the window. “It's my gardener, he's turned into a zombie! Damn! There's only one way to deal with him! Damn!” One shot to the dome.

Meanwhile, a Simon Le Bon lookalike wakes up in his car by the woods, wanders around, has a pee, and then hears moans. Pasty faced zombies approach. Not to worry, though, this guy has a gun but he doesn't know the golden head blast rule, so he suffers a very prolonged screaming death, as the zombies happily eat him alive.

The doctor duo head to the crash site because: “When the plane came down, this place was full of special forces, y'know what I mean?” Dr. Bern's pimp voice has calmed down by now. “Nuclear special forces -- the military!” Gas masks on, and with Geiger counter bleeping, they find the area has been cleaned. I have to point out that the dubbing is now muffled like from inside the masks and I swear I nearly collapsed to the floor.

Tooled up zombies attack. Bern grabs a machete and does some awesome decapitations all around, whilst Simon shoots one up. Poor Dr. Simon ends up with gallons of zombie blood all in his mouth and all over himself in pure Ash Williams style.

Zombie 90 continues on regardless. A sloppy kissing couple are in their car by the woods. “I need a dump,” says the fella, “I need to take my gun, it's the only thing that kills the odor from my shit.” (I swear I’m not making this up!) Off he goes. “I just need a big fat leaf to wipe my ass.” He sees a zombie. “Stop, or I'll shoot!” spoken without moving his lips. That's it, it's dubbing anarchy. No law and order now!

Soon afterwards, there's a classic scene of a wheelchair bound young mother being axed to death whilst her baby (a terrible blood filled plastic doll) is torn to pieces. There's no story, just an excuse for a million gore and bloody set pieces. For the cash involved, Andreas Schnaas and his gang are certainly talented in that department.

“Get out of here, you zombie looking dick face!” goes the quote of the movie, then Bern cuts the zombie's penis off, which happens to be hanging out after a blow job by his zombiefied girlfriend. Bern gets in his car, “Now I'm gonna run this motherfucker's dick over!”

From the midway point, near enough every moment has crimson baths or is building to a slaughter. Guts on faces, entrails, severed limbs and heads, eye gouging, blade through a head, bites, blood jets, fingers chainsawed off (ouch) and what appears to be the guts of a zombie attacking somebody. Erm, ok, that's cool. It all ends with a tiny homage to the conclusion of Lucio Fulci's Zombie.

I'm sure I recognized the director/writer/makeup man, Andreas himself leading a gaggle of students into the woods, all of whom have the unlucky roles as the victims of what I believe is the messiest and indeed the longest flesh eating buffet meal of all time.

I totally adore this film. It is fun, graphic and above all never boring. One problem I had was with the soundtrack. It's simply pathetic in some parts. An additional note on the dubbing; I happened to be checking the credits on YouTube (because I cannot be bothered re-loading the DVD) and noticed a comment made by a relation to the dubber of Dr. Simon. Apparently, three of them watched the movie a few times, were given no script, only a rough synopsis I suppose, then told to “do what fits.” Then the comment becomes a pool of 'it's a lie' and 'no it's true', 'or is it?' hokum. You'd have to read it to get the complete transcript of pointlessness. However, regardless of whether it's true or not (or is it?), I can imagine it actually happening the way it's written.

To be continued… states the final frame. Alas it wasn't to be. The gang carried on with their Violent Shit creations instead, amongst many others, more the pity. After reading about this in the aforementioned In The Flesh magazine, I waited over two decades to buy it and watch it. Was it everything I imagined? Oh yes. It's a gem. Crap of the greatest level.

This review is written whilst watching the Cine Club edition which is doubled with Zombie 09. The latter, unfortunately is in its native German language, so aside from a new credits sequence (with puppets!!??!!) a decent music score and added narration here and there, it appears to be the same film given an audio make-over. Probably as funny as the original, I simply have no idea. I had a flick through and did notice the Simon Le Bon dude is now screaming out words instead of just yelling.

Extras are around twenty minutes of outtakes, in German, which are a drag, apart from the chainsaw not starting up, and some fooling about on the sets. Photographs, and a very darkly filmed premier of Zombie 90. I first had the impression it was showing in a pub or club, until I saw posters for Hairspray and Pretty Woman on the walls, so it's a cinema.

All in all, Cine Club have done Zombie 90 justice and it's highly recommended, only if you realize you are entering a trash arena by itself from the other low budget spores you could try and categorize it with.



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 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 1.33:1
 Region: PAL R0
 Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0

 - Zombie 09
 Zombie 90 Premier
 Set Photos
 - Out Takes
 - Trailer

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