Bloody New Year - Lazer Entertainments
Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 09 March 2015
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AKA: Time Warp Terror, Hotel dos Horrores, Muerte en el aŮo nuevo, Les mutants de la Saint-Sylvestre, Rťveillon sanglant, Horror Hotel, Krwawego nowego roku

Directed by: N
orman J. Warren
Written by:
Norman J. Warren, Hayden Pearce, Frazer Pearce
Produced by:
Andy Ordonez, Hayden Pearce, Maxine Julius
Cinematography by:
John Shann
Editing by:
Carl Thomson
Music by:
Nick Magnus
Special Effects by:
David Williams, Phil Rawsthorne
Suzy Aitchison, Nikki Brooks, Colin Heywood, Mark Powley, Catherine Roman
1h 30 min

Studio: Lazer Entertainments LTD.
Distributor: Image Entertainment, Redemption

Where do I begin with this one!? This U.K. production from director Norman J. Warren is a smorgasbord of horror/sci-fi and comedy all rolled into one. Itís one big chaotic mess and my only advice is to sit back and enjoy the campy b-movie ride. Bloody New Year reminds me of something Troma would have on their re-release roster, which fits the bill nicely. Director Warren is responsible for a another U.K. Alien rip-off I'm quite fond of titled Insemenoid -- or the cut version Horror Planet -- which was released in North America.

The unfolding of Bloody New Year begins in 1959 at a New Yearís Eve party and then jumps ahead to the present, at a carnival, where a group of young people piss off some rather mean spirited Carnies and make a narrow escape. Before things went awry at the carnival, a couple of the girls in the group visits a fortune teller. To our surprise she looks into her crystal ball and sees some bad shit go down in their future, much worse than any black toothed/bad breath carnival gypsies. The whole group (including the two they have just met and saved) decide to go on a boat trip for no apparent reason.

Once on the island, the group avoid the obvious danger!/keep out! Signs and stumble upon The Grand Island Hotel. The hotel seems abandoned, but it still looks like itís decorated for Christmas/New Years and itís currently July in the movie. Some people start appearing in the hotel, such as maids and a live band. All seem harmless enough, but then objects start moving on their own and we begin to see The Grand Island Hotel may be haunted. The group decide to change into some of the old clothes they find at the hotel, circa 1960's era, and thus have set the wheels in motion for the bad turn of events to come. The group switch the power back on in the hotel and they discover a TV set which is specifically broadcasting a talk show with two scientists discussing a particular experiment they are conducting and the controversy surrounding it. It seems the hotel and the events which unfolded there are destined to repeat themselves. Are our care free visitors, who have no obvious concern or plans for what they were doing in the first place, and no desire to return to civilization, trapped in a time warp?

Shit starts turning sour when the group find old movie projectors which operate on their own in ghostly fashion. While watching the projection film, a character in it literally emerges from the screen and attacks and kills one of them! Once this happens, the movie takes a turn for the wild and wacky and the viewer gets an idea of what kind of ride they are in for with the remainder of the film. The group foolishly splits up and tries to explore the rest of the island. A couple of them find another cabin and get some nasty surprises, including a flesh ripping fish net trap and get this, a table cloth monster! An evil force starts dispatching the group predictably, while they are separated from one another. We get one scene where a couple are seemingly mocked and laughed at by what seems like the trees/forest as they run around terrified trying to escape. There are tons of cheesy ghost effects, including some nifty backwards camera editing. A possessed elevator literally engulfs one girl, one person is cooked in a pot, stair posts turn into gargoyle demons, members of the group get possessed by the evil spirits in the hotel, doors lead to deathly heights, and to top it all off, the evil Carnies from the beginning of the film emerge again to terrorize them.

We then get some insight into the whole offbeat affair, which involves the scientists, shown discussing on the TV earlier, and a particular experiment they were conducting. Bloody New Year is a bizarre movie with atrocious acting performances, chintzy effects and plays out so disjointed you don't know what to expect. Think of a cross between The Shining, Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Evil Dead done in the U.K.


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Skull - Severed Cinema


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