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Tuesday, 09 February 2016
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AKA: A Louca Corrida do Ouro, Polvo de oro, Zadza na pustyni, En froken I okenen, Geier, Geld und goldene Eier

Directed by: Paul Bartel
Written by: Philip John Taylor
Produced by: Allan Gaser, Tab Hunter
Cinematography by: Paul Lohmann
Editing by: Alan Toomayan
Music by: Peter Matz
Cast: Divine, Tab Hunter, Henry Silva, Geoffrey Lewis, Woody Strode, Gina Gallego, Laine Kazan, Cesar Romero.
Year: 1985
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 24min

Distributor: Arrowdrome

Ahh, Divine, once upon a time known as Harris Glen Milstead, the loveable she-male who entered the dreams of probably many men and women and starred in a good few John Waters cult classics. Divine could basically command a whole movie like the star he always knew he would become, in the case of Lust in the Dust, playing Rosie, a travelling singer in the old spaghetti west.

After a decent song over the credits, all about a tarnished man, Divine is larger than life on a mule who cannot take the weight. Divine as Rosie, stops and bathes half nude “Those who lust in the dust, shall die in the dust.” says a rather long winded narration.

A stranger (played by Tab Hunter, ex-50s teen idol, who is clearly enjoying himself) approaches, Rosie clutches her chest. “You're going to ravage me like I've never been ravaged before!” The stranger silently goes away. Rosie follows explaining how she ran into a very bad gang, lead by Hard Case Williams (Geoffrey Lewis -- you know, that face out of so many watchable class movies, the gravedigger out of Salem's Lot: “Look at meee...,” Night of the Comet, The Devil's Rejects, Human Experiments, and so many more -- I love this guy!) It's told in a flashback, his multi-cultural gang even has a grinning dwarf in their midst. Rosie is surrounded, Williams goes first but starts sneezing. “I've had carnal knowledge of 250 women and a goat, and a chicken, but none have made me sneeze!” It's Rosie's perfume, so the gang have their wicked ways for many hours. Afterwards, they're laid around Rosie absolutely exhausted, she asks if they want to go again. Later that night she accidently breaks the dwarf's neck as he eats from her.

Thus she is telling this to a rather fed up Abel, the stranger, she moans and complains until they reach the town of Chilli Verde in Mexico. “I came two hundred miles for this?” Rosie is unimpressed by the run down small town. There seems to be nobody around until Abel almost shoots a young ginger haired kid called Richard, also known as Red Dick. The town is in hiding from Williams and his gang. They all file out into the saloon bar. Rosie figures her handsome friend will be moving on soon. “What did you say your name was?” “I didn't.” he says.

How better can this cast get? I mean, in walks Henry Silva as thuggish Bernado, straight into the bar with his mob. He throws water into Abel's face and calls him a Gringo. It ends up being a gunslinger stand-off until the dominant female saloon owner, Marguerita, breaks it up. Nobody, not even Bernado dares answer her back. Rosie insists on a singing audition. Here's to a musical interlude as Divine grinds, Dick plays the piano. “These lips were made for kissing! Oh yeah!”

“Honey, you sing like you look,” says Marguerita totally unimpressed, then shows Abel the shower outside, eyes all over him. Abel talks privately to the young nubile Mexican girl who pours buckets of water over his body. There is mention of gold. His interest is raised, then Marguerita joins him, raising something else. Abel decides to stay in the town a while.

Rosie has been given the task of scrubbing floors. One of the staff lets slip about the gold, her eyes widen. Meanwhile, Abel confesses his many sexual exploits to Father Garcia (Cesar Romero) whilst Bernado rallies the town folk against him. In conversation, Garcia mentions that the key to finding the buried gold exists inside a limerick: “There was a young man from Scotland, who robbed the New Mexico hotland. In a grim situation, two beaut's his salvation, he buried the gold but in what land?”

Afterwards, Abel is lynched and noosed by the townspeople only to be saved by a shot to the rope. Abel rides off on his horse into the night desert. He returns soon enough to shoot Bernado, which begins a wailing insane mourning song from Marguerita whilst she dances with his corpse, seducing Abel. “You folks have a strange sense of humour.” he glares, and then comes a bitchy confrontation between Rosie and Marguerita. It's a fight which almost rivals Roddy Piper and Keith David in They Live for its length and inventiveness. Outside they spill, and into the path of Hard Case Williams and his posse. They're all gold hunting as well.

Abel steps in to attract their attention and ensues an old traditional gunfight, then a punch up between Abel and Williams. Abel loses terribly and ends up in a well. Rosie escapes, chased by Hard Case on horseback. Abel gives chase after climbing out.

It's all to do with a tattoo on Rosie's ass cheek which is half of a map. It's down to who has the second half. When they return to town, various characters start plotting against each other about the hidden gold, seducing one another, and the truth behind certain people is slowly revealed as the hiding place is found.

The finale houses a rather funny Dollars film inspired standoff which is just fantastic. Lust in the Dust looks like a fully authentic spaghetti western. Time has been taken with every scene and costume, with all the characters. It's wonderful to see so many recognisable faces together having a good time with the material.

Arrow's Arrowdrome release is unfortunately a bare bones affair, coming with a trailer and a booklet to flick through. However, there's been numerous editions and they all are naked so at least the film is being seen.

Lust in the Dust can be forgotten about by a lot of Divine fans, which is a shame because it's every bit as entertaining as John Waters’ creations and is worth the time.




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 Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 16:9
 Region: PAL R2
 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

 – Theatrical Trailer
 – Booklet

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