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Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 25 June 2016

Directed by: Turner Stewart
Written by: Turner Stewart
Produced by: Turner Stewart
Cinematography by: Turner Stewart, Julian Figueroa, Jessica Lo
Editing by: Turner Stewart, Max Field
Music by: Graham Trudeau
Special Effects: Michelle Grady
Cast: Turner Stewart, Alix Miller (as Alexandra Rose Miller), Dionne Copland
Year: 2015
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 25 min

Studio: Hentai Cop Films

Computer Hearts is a juicy slice of Canadian horror short weirdness which also bleeds the scent of fellow Canadian directing legend David Cronenberg all over it. Computer Hearts definitely has a couple of nods in likeness to Cronenbergís classic Videodrome but it definitely emits its own sense of social awareness and message. Like with Videodrome, which was way the fuck ahead of its time when it came out and still rings like a shotgun blast in your ears with the state of society watching TV, tablets, smart phones etcetera and our ever growing obsession with reality TV.

Turner Stewart has opened up another wound with Computer Hearts in a similar fashion and has done so with a cool no budget indie style vibe. Computer Hearts may take place in an apartment and have a minuscule cast but the content and surreal in-your-face nature nabs your attention and its story is more real than one would realize. Look at the rise of virtual reality, something that will soon be in many homes and why would you want a flawed human being in your busted up life if you can have a perfect partner in a perfect life, or what seems to be real but in another world. Computer Hearts is effective in telling a story of desperation, loneliness and the human nature of needing a companion.

Director Turner Stewart plays Albert, a young man in an obvious unhappy and unfulfilling relationship. Albert turns to his computer for solace and finds it in an adult chat room avatar who he names Vanessa 2, after his real life partner named (surprise, surprise) Vanessa. Albert develops an obsession with Vanessa 2's sultry voice and kind demeanor. I could personally feel for Albert in the movie and couldn't blame him for becoming obsessed with the program, even the way it cutely pronounced his name. As the movie goes on, Vanessa 2 becomes more and more aggressive and is soon trying to take over Albertís personal life literally in the flesh.

The effects in this are done rather well and are surprisingly gruesome, especially when Albertís computer hard drive turns into a giant pulsating vagina. Have you ever wanted to see a person finger fuck a DVD-Rom drive, give cunninglingus to a hard drive tower or fuck a computer pussy with a severed dick? Well itís on here. The nightmarish visuals for the conclusion have this cool cyber punk feel to them and Albertís transformation is rather creepy. Check out Computer Hearts. Itís an entertaining and nightmarish audio and visual feast worthy of your time.


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