Frank Edge Jr. - Exploding Gas Can Productions
Written by Richard Taylor   
Sunday, 26 June 2016


Directed by: Phil Stevens
Written by: Phil Stevens
Produced by: Phil Stevens
Cinematography by: Phil Stevens
Editing by: Phil Stevens
Music by: Kevin Krier
Special Effects: Phil Stevens
Cast: Keith Miller, Beth Shuster, Tommy Stevens, Shannon Fox, Alison Horn, Allie Peden, Cameron Twomey
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 18min

Studio: Exploding Gas Can Productions

Unlike its predecessor movie, Below Man, released in 2008, Frank Edge Jr. is Phil Stevensí gradual progression into the filmmaking style he used with Flowers and Lung II. Itís light on dialogue, heavy on atmosphere, with tail spinning visuals. Frank Edge Jr. features another nightmarish journey of a lone individual wallowing in his own primordial filth. We get this dark aura of sensory violence, stagnant self-pity and perverted obsession.

Our main character is lost in a sea of putrefaction, living out his daily routine by consuming himself in a life of drugs, eating disgusting canned foods, self-mutilation, watching snuff videos and loneliness. I tried to feel sorry for him, and at moments, he is such a pathetic cretin that you do, until he commits some pretty unspeakable acts. Frank Edge Jr. can jump back and forth with different scenes, some in black and white, shot in the first person point-of-view so you need to watch carefully. I love a movie where you can develop your own interpretation of the actions on screen and why things are happening. It gives the viewer a chance to ponder things and gets the juices flowing in the brain. Cut and dry is boring.

In one particular scene I actually thought Frank Edge Jr. (Keith Miller) was an alright guy, preparing a baby nursery in his dilapidated decaying house and taking in a pregnant girl (not sure if itís his sister or girlfriend). Shit turns sour when the goddamn playpen nips his finger while setting it up. Aside from this, Frank spends countless days filling his arms with needles, his mind's eye with violent torture and his belly with lily liver grey canned substance. The pregnant chick begins to push his buttons complaining of hunger and lack of food and occasionally while waiting at the bus stop Frank daydreams about a chick there, who also waits for the bus while listening to music on her headphones. We also get these black and white cut scenes of a woman tied up who is being led through a wooded area until the conclusion of the film.

Frank Edge Jr. is definitely some depressing off-the-wall shit. Itís a downward spiral of a life there is no turning back from and no clear cut path or light at the end of the tunnel. Frank is trapped in a maze of nightmarish gloom and crawling in a cesspool of pungent atrocity of which the water rising up to his neck will not stop the impending doom. Praise to Phil Stevens for letting me check out and review this rare item along with Below Man. The two are set to be released in the future and should not be missed. Below Man alone is an indie film so different from a lot of the shit out there and much different from McKenna's own more recent work, it should not be missed!


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