The Ups and Downs of Antithese
Written by Jay Creepy   
Sunday, 03 July 2016


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What I love about indie horrors is the true dedication to creating a beautiful bouncing baby, no matter the ups and downs faced along the way.

Take for instance the German film Antithese, originally slated for completion in 2015, but as you read the updates on the Antithese Facebook Page there's been so many delays but Thomas Binder and Jonas Summer persist onwards.

So what's it all about?

Stephen, a writer, escapes from the city with his wife Mia to write his new novel: A book about occultism. While doing research he comes across an incantation. As he writes it down, his wife starts to feel strange. By and by he realizes, that Mia seems to be possessed by a demon. At first the demon is simply playing games with Stephen, but when the demon commands Stephen to release him, Stephen has to make a tough decision: to either obey the demon and potentially save Mia, or to fight back against the demon and avoid further consequences. Regardless of his decision, Stephen has only one weapon: His old typewriter...

The English translation is Antithesis and it stars Miriam Fontaine, Gunther Brandl, (Necrophile Passion, Unholy Ground, Hot Dreams -- he's a name on the German nasty radar) and Nicole Lauer. Thomas Binder has got his hands grubby previously with involvement in underground flicks such as Zombies From Outer Space and Necrophile Passion, and Jonas is the man behind Scared to Death Reviews on on YouTube.

There is not much I can say about this excellent sounding project other than drop into the links above and this one, the Antithese Official Website
. On a personal Jay Creepy note, I have a fondness for German horror and the music scene (I hope the soundtrack is awesome!) and from what I can see of the teaser trailer this could be a nifty little classic.

  Antithese Still

 Antithese Still

 Antithese Still

 Antithese Still

Antithese Still

Antithese Official Trailer


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