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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Directed by: Todd Sheets
Written by: Todd Sheets
Produced by: Bryan David, Amanda Payton
Cinematography by: Todd Sheets
Editing by: Todd Sheets
Music by: Fabio Frizzi
Special Effects by: Greg Chaffee, Mark O'Connor, Rod Zirkle
Cast: Antwoine Steele, Nicole Santorella, Bryan David, Lew Temple, Dyanne Thorne, Allan Kayser, Ari Lehman, Millie Milan, Jessica Hopkins, George Hardy, Lloyd Kaufman
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 38min

Studio: Extreme Entertainment


Todd Sheets is definitely one of the most prolific directors of indie horror. With numerous titles under his belt (Zombie Bloodbath, Zombie Rampage, Catacombs, Sleepless Nights) and a career which began in the ‘80s, the man is still pumping out movies in 2016 and is set to release his most adventurous and over-the-top release yet, titled Dreaming Purple Neon. The Prince of Gore is an indie horror filmmaker who has paid his dues and is due to have his day for his body of work.

House of Forbidden Secrets sees Sheets pulling from many resources to have a great cast, including Dyanne Thorne (who still gives me a boner in those Ilsa movies), Ari Lehman (the original Jason who jumped out of Crystal Lake), Lew Temple (Walking Dead star who played Axel), Allan Kayser (Mama's Family), George Hardy (the father from the infamous Troll 2) and even Lloyd Kaufman sneaks in for an expected off-the-wall cameo. We get lots of great actors accompanied by the soothing synth odes of the one and only composer Fabio Frizzi (who only did the scores for some little films such as The Beyond, Zombie, House on the Edge of the Park, City of the Living Dead, etcetera!). The soundtrack really elevated the movie to higher peaks. The opening music was very familiar to that of Frizzi's work in The BeyondHouse of Forbidden Secrets has won official selection in over 20 festivals so you have an idea that you need to check it out!

House of Forbidden Secrets focuses on a newly hired security guard named Jacob (Antwoine Steele) who is working his first night shift alone in a building called The Shadow view Manor -- a place with a dark past. As Jacob does his rounds, he steps in on a séance taking place in one of the offices and reluctantly takes part. They have contacted some spirits who are pissed and who are coming back to take revenge for what happened to them long ago in the same building. House of Forbidden Secrets uses great color schemes in shooting, which give it that Argento-esque visual style. Don't forget that music and of course we get some nice practical gore effects thrown in there.

There are some great lines and dialogue. Some of the actors are better than others, likewise for the visual effects in some scenes. We get some nice humor to lighten the dark content and I love the hungry horde of whores thirsty for revenge who lay siege on the patrons of the manor. For some reason the end of the film reminded me of Fulci's The Beyond too which is not necessarily a bad thing, paying homage to the Italian gore maestro. Take one perverted sadistic priest, a house full of whores, splatter some sets of tits with blood and you have my attention. Rejoice in the moribund with Todd Sheets' House of Forbidden Secrets and keep your eye out for his upcoming Dreaming Purple Neon. I'm so pumped for that release! It looks like a retro throwback feast of pure unadulterated splatter and carnage. Check out Todd's Extreme Entertainment.



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