Blood Orchestra Cacophony of Death - DIY Productions
Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 23 July 2016

Directed by: Yan Kaos
Written by: Yan Kaos
Produced by: Yan Kaos
Cinematography by: Yan Kaos, Nemesis Bathory
Editing by: Yannima Studio
Music by: Marc Andre Boucher
Special Effects by: Yan Kaos, Nemesis Bathory
Cast: Ame Lee (Nemesis Bathory), Yan Kaos, Betty Moreau, Fred Otis
Year: 2016
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Color

Studio: D.I.Y Productions


Infamous Canadian underground filmmaker Yan Kaos is back to deliver his goriest low budget opus yet. A film he claims to be his best so far and he's proud to unleash it upon the masses. An epitome of his body of work which he has done completely himself with a little help from his friends and of course his soul mate Nemesis Bathory. The question is, does it deliver the gory goods and the seething sickness of true underground gore? Itís a great look at what you can do when you have a vision, little money and a passion for making gore films.

Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death is a series of gore scenes set up with Kaos violating himself by various means, whether itís a coat hanger down the throat, ripping out and eating his own guts, popping out his eyes or really trying to give those teeth that hard proper brush they need even if it means bleeding profusely. Maybe Yan could start doing oral hygiene commercials for Colgate. Kaos also throws some of his friends in the mix. We get Betty Moreau falling and busting open her head, only to be discovered and violently puked on by her boyfriend. The movie plays out as a series of segments with little rhyme or reason -- just total Kaos! The actual synopsis for the film is said to be about a full moon and the unholy spirits that have been unleashed. An evil apocalypse is possessing people and causing them to do icky things to themselves, such as self-mutilation.

If you love SOV style gore shorts then this one will be your cup of tea for sure. There are liters of blood spilled, juices puked out and some of the segments are broken down into smaller sub segments with different titles such as "Diseases And Hell On Earth (God Is A Lie)" or "Back To Reality." The movieís most intense scene features Ame Lee (or Nemesis Bathory) going through a violent self-abortion in a bath tub -- a scene that is worth seeing this short film for alone. She violently stabs her crotch with a crucifix and the baby plops out, only to be decimated before its chance at life. This is a scene I don't want to ruin and spoil here but itís graphic and highly effective. Kaos also makes it known his love for The Necronomicon in this movie and his loathsome relationship with religion as Nemesis Bathory deep throats the cross and spews forth a load of blood from the act.

My Yan Kaos cherry was popped with Necromance: A Love Story, which was a film like no other, with an actor actually penetrating fake corpses, while Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death doesn't quite shock in that same instance, itís safe to say that itís Kaosí goriest one yet and that bathtub scene blows most shit out of the water. Support Canadian underground gore -- the only underground Canadian gore really as of late, but hopefully Yan will continue to give us his dose in that do-it-yourself fashion.







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