Chaos A.D. - The Sleaze Box
Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 22 September 2016

Directed by: Chris Woods
Written by: Chris Woods
Produced by: Chris Woods, Sean Donohue
Cinematography by: Chris Woods
Editing by: Chris Woods
Special Effects by: Limbo Picardo, Shelby McIntyre
Music: Haniel Adhar, Toshiyuki Hiraoka
Cast: Lisa Mari Kart, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Cayt Feinics, Bob Glazier, Eric Danger Dionne, David A. Jackson, Joel D. Wynkoop, Krystal Pixie Adams, Amanda Welch, Sahara Huxly
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 40min

Studio: Gatorblade Films
Distributor: The Sleaze Box

The Sleaze Box are at it again and Chris Woods has brought the whole family of demented regulars along for this joyride drenched in utter perversity. What we are treated to is a nudity-riddled, graphic violence entrenched, zero budget adventure. High on being creative and entertaining and filled with some of the most deplorable characters this side of the soil. The question is, would you expect anything less from the sick perverted freaks who brought us such movies as the classic underground Death-Scort Service? I certainly would hope not.

Death-Scort Service was a classic in its own right, filled with more sleaze than a crack whore pimp can handle, and so much fine skin your eyes will be crossed for days. Chaos A.D. is a different beast but still manages to keep all the right Sleaze Box trademarks. An overabundance of nudity and fine tattooed female bodies writhing around on screen, accompanied by some nasty degenerate violence and other sexual acts of humiliation.

Chaos A.D. tells the story of 3 different characters who all cross paths, not by personal choice. An abused housewife (the magnificent looking Ashley Lynn Caputo, American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore), who kills and dismembers her tormentor husband, a sleazy politician (David A. Jackson, $kumbagz) and a brother and sister (Eric Danger Dionne and Lisa Marie Kart, Cannibal Claus), who break free from their abusive father. They all wind up in the clutches of a group called F.R.E.A.K. and are herded up in a cage with others and picked off one by one by the group, who include the leader Bytch (Cayt Feinics, Crackbaby Billionaire), Vixen (Amanda Welch, Cannibal Claus), Misery (Sahara Huxly) and Lester (Bob Glazier, Amerikan Holokaust).

This could easily be classified using the dreaded "T P" word, because what we basically have from the point where the characters are kidnapped is a series of brutal killings, humiliations and mutilations in a dungeon type torture chamber. There is some very sick shit in Chaos A.D. -- graphic gore and rotten to the core. Woods’ definitely went campy but in some scenes the camp is thrown out the window and the fucking grim violence sets the fuck in to pulverize your sorry ass. Nipples getting bitten off, nut sacks ripped off, asses fucked with spike studded dildos, pissing in mouths, rapes, evisceration and my personal favorite poor ol' Krystal Pixie Adams getting her tits squeezed until they burst.

The acting is what’s to be expected in this type of production, which was made for something like $4000 and it looks awesome. The camera work is great with the look of menacing neon blues and reds penetrating and splashing the screen like the countless gallons of blood featured. I enjoyed the music, simply done with a retro feel. One arrangement sounds very familiar to John Carpenters main theme from Assault on Precinct 13 in one instance. I’m not sure but there seemed to be a nod to the infamous splatter movie classic Pieces during the scene where Ashley Lynn Caputo screams "Bastard!" franticly, numerous times. The gore effects are on point in a major way, just filling up the screen in extreme fashion.

Lead baddie Bytch played by Cayt Feinics steals most of the movie with her menacing lines and that very cool but simple make-up job. It wouldn't be a Sleaze Box production without Ashley Lynn Caputo's sexy body, or Krystal Pixie Adams figure only gracing the screen in a small role this time around. And of course, wrinkle demon, Bob Glazier is back with a beard dye job, cackling and projecting out his tongue as we get to see more of his naked "physique" than we like to, but his energy is contagious and he gives his all in the film.

What can you say about a film that opens with a gun being shoved into a pussy and discharged except, ya gotta see it. Special thanks to Chris Woods and The Sleaze Box for giving me the opportunity to check this fine slice of indie-in-the-rough and let me watch The Fucking Reckless Extreme Asshole Killers at work. Check out Chaos A.D. and support The Sleaze Box because your life is not complete with at least a little sleaze in it. Visit




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