Butcher M.D. - Traces of Blood - Bizarre Leprous Production
Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 14 October 2016

Band: Butcher M.D.
Album: Traces Of Blood
Members: Kirill Maestro, Erwin De Groot
Produced by: NX5
Year: 2015
Country: Russia
Recorded: Home Studio
Runtime: 22min 31sec

Label: Bizarre Leprous Production [CD], Cadaveric Dissolution Records [Cassette]
Official Website: facebook.com/mdbutcher

Track Listing:
1. Thrusting, killing, concealing
2. Unexpected School Bus Driver Heart Attack (Children Mincemeat)
3. Explosive Extraction Of The Brain
4. Pulsating Blackheads About To Burst
5. Shotgun Turns Gutgun
6. Abdominal Cavity Vomified By General Surgery Intern
7. Concrete Boots, Underwater Woods
8. Boiled Alive In His Own Blood
9. Old Hag Coiled On The Truck Wheel
10. Steering Collumn Face Punch
11. Fake Tits Replaced With Two Severed Human Heads
12. Blistering Bowels
13. Devoured By Oozing Stomach Acids
14. All In Russian Roulette Loser
15. Public Carcass Disintegration II
16. Traces Of Blood

Two man goregrind outfit formed by a Russian musician who does all band duties except vocals in which he enlists former the vocalist for Last Days Of Humanity/S.M.E.S, etcetera, Butcher M.D. are a crushing pure goregrind unit which deliver 16 tracks of absolute non-stop grinding carnage at break neck speed. The programmed drums keep click and clacking through those blast beats like nobody's business, and the fuzzy down tuned guitars create a digital wall of sound like no other. This is the elite of goregrind albums, and the crisp high quality production adds more to the big sound it pulverizes with.

There is a bit of groove thrown in some parts for good measure to mix it up a bit.
Butcher M.D. sounds familiar to Finnish goregrind act Jig-Ai on this, especially The Rising Sun Carnage album. The vocals range from those toilet flushing deep gurgles to the higher range pig squeals so common in this genre. Butcher M.D. have mastered the goregrind sound and perfected it.

The cover art is as to be expected, real life death photos and the song titles still makes one scratch their head, saying: "How the fuck did their sick minds come up with that shit!?" and that's a good thing today with so many bands over the years trying to outdo each other in the gross song title department. We get some creative titles on here like Unexpected School Bus Driver Heart Attack, Pulsating Blackheads About To Burst, Old Hag Coiled On The Truck Wheel, or my favorite Fake Tits Replaced With Two Severed Heads.

Traces of Blood is a solid goregrind project, and has all the right pungent ingredients to slop into the pot and mash up into a mangled mess then press into CD form. Fans of goregrind will want to pick this one up. There are traces of blood but no traces of death metal, only pure grind here and its gory.










 ALBUM: 1 
Skull - Severed Cinema1 
Skull - Severed Cinema1 
Skull - Severed Cinema1/2No 
Skull - Severed Cinema


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