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Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 14 November 2016
Review of the Director's Cut of Meat Butcher Baby from D.I.Y. Productions

Directed by: Yan Kaos
Written by: Yan Kaos, Yordevil
Produced by: Yan Kaos
Cinematography by: Yan Kaos, Yordevil
Editing by: Sam Verville
Music by: Diearea
Special Effects by: Yan Kaos, Jordan St. Louis, Melissa Blanchet
Cast: Yan Kaos, Melissa Blanchet
Year: 2009
Country: Canada
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtime: 17mins

Distributor: D.I.Y. Productions

Canadian Underground gore monger Yan Kaos has unleashed his definitive version of Meat Butcher Baby upon the masses. Ramming itself down your throat, Meat Butcher Baby has been re-released with some additional footage/scenes and better sound so you get all those bone sawing, tendon ripping scenes in even more graphic fashion. Spewing from the pits of the dingy apartments of downtown Montreal, viewers are treated to a snuff style gore short which is grimy, dirty and uncompromising in its delivery.

Filmed in 2009, Meat Butcher Baby is the feature that really got Yan's name out there in the scene but he has a number of titles available. Two of my favorite releases from him are Necromance: A Love Story which I consider his most unsettling, and his most recent, Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death which shows how far he has come in the scene with perfecting his style of do-it-yourself low-budget gore. Blood Orchestra also gives viewers an intense and graphic look at his female partner, Nemesis Bathory, who steals the show. Kaos has also put together three, soon to be four collections of gore short films from around the world. These come highly recommended for fans of underground cinema as there are some great stuff on there from directors such as Brian Paulin, El Gore, Madman Marv, Gurcius Gewdner, Alexander Sharglaznov, Esa Jussila and more. They are some great shit every underground gore fan needs to check out.

Kaos has also been in bands and in Meat Butcher Baby the music is done by one of his bands named Diearea. We get these crazy war punk sounds screeching as the killer drags his female victim to the bathtub to begin a furtive dissection of her nubile body. The body is used as a vessel for all means of anatomical destruction as circular saws, hatchets, drills, knives, handsaws and scissors are used to desecrate it without mercy. With its zero budget the effects are highly creative but you can see where the body is obviously made from hard plastic and mannequin-like, but that being said, the blood and even entrails look highly effective and gruesome. Kaos plays the butcher and looks somewhat similar to Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with the white collar shirt and twisted skin-like looking mask and bloodstained apron.

Kaos sells all of his own releases and merchandise to finance his future endeavors so everything is self-financed, and his film work is only for true underground gore aficionados. Don't expect complicated stories or dialogue, he is not going for this approach, he is making gore films for underground gore fans and he will clearly say this himself. Kaos is a no-nonsense, true blackened heart in the non-existent gore scene in Canada, an individual who would fit in more with the underground European gore scene but Canada is proud to have him. Letís hope he continues that struggle and pumps out more of his style of tough as nails gore.

If youíre just starting to get into Yan's work, the Directorís Cut of Meat Butcher Baby is the way to go. If youíre a completest you'll want to pick it up as well. With his upcoming sequel to Meat Butcher Baby looming over whether it'll be completed or not, I hope he gets it done eventually, even if it takes him a number of years to do so -- it'll be worth the wait. Contact D.I.Y. Yan on Facebook or check out the Meat Butcher Baby Facebook Page (here). Support the darkest of the underground arts.






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