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Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 15 December 2016
Review of Deep in My Mind on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Günther Brandl, Helmut Brandl, Monika Brandl
Written by: Günther Brandl
Produced by: Brandl Pictures
Cinematography by: Helmut Brandl
Editing by: Günther Brandl, Helmut Brandl
Music by: Michael Donner, Herwig Sider, Kevin Macleod
Cast: Gunther Brandl, Vlasto Peyitch, Martin Eherer, Carolina Rath, Oliver Shiebl, Alois Brandl, Lars Mohring
Year: 2011
Country: Germany
Language: German (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 39min

Studio: Brandl Pictures
Distributor: Black Lava Entertainment

Deep in My Mind is a German mindfuck from the Brandl clan. This time borrowing heavy from a surreal filmmaking style, and general oddball offerings of such directors as David Lynch. I admire Brandl Pictures for making a bunch of crazy indie films, and not really following a conventional mold with each one. They are an adventurous company who have put out everything from horror to sci-fi to comedy, so for that I commend them. I was a big lover of their satanic ‘70s-style adult film oriented, Unholy Ground (review here), and gave it a rave review because it felt original, bold and fresh. Deep in My Mind is a different style of movie entirely, and plays out as a psychological offering, heavy on visual stimulation and bizarre characters.

The story follows insurance agent Elliot Davis (Günther Brandl) who checks into the Desdemona Hotel one night to face a barrage of strange people and events. Davis has kinky sex with women, hallucinations of naked demon women, encounters crazy face painted and masked individuals, and even lawn gnomes with bleeding eyes. Deep in My Mind is a wild ride if you can endure the runtime. I felt the never ending torturous visions Brandl's character was having, went on for far too long, and should have found a conclusion sooner. The filmmakers wanted to make sure you got bludgeoned over the head repeatedly with an abundance of fucked up, in your face shit.

The movie keeps you guessing as to what is actually going on in Elliot’s mind. What is up with all these visions? Is he insane? Has he been drugged or is the hotel some fucked up dimension? When it all wraps up they have done a good job with slowly unfolding the storyline, and I believe the conclusion ties it together with a creative twist. Brandl Pictures has once again gone all out with this surreal style of film, and pulled out all the stops with this low budget production. Their creativity and style always surprises and impresses me.

If you’re looking for a different indie horror film then Deep in My Mind may satiate your thirst. It is a visually stimulating and mind numbing endurance piece destined to dilate your retinas. All the eccentric characters really give it that extra push over the edge, and just when you think it’s going to end, you get another punch in the gut as Elliot travels through mental hospitals, enchanted forests and the hotel. We get lots of nudity, some simulated sex, and a scene where little red riding hood is being lined up to be boinked by the big bad wolf -- I shit you not. If you have a need for some subversive indie cinema, and whatever your taste may be, Brandl Pictures may have something to suit your fancy. Special thanks to Brandl Pictures for sending a DVD for review. Check them out at






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 Aspect Ratio: 16x9
 Region: NTSC R0
 Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo 5.1

 - Outtakes
 - Making of
 - Trailer
 - Audio Commentary


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