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Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 16 December 2016
Review of Vadias do Sexo Sangrento (Bloody Orgy O'Rama) on Severed Cinema

AKA: Bloody Orgy O'Rama, Bitches of Bloody Sex

Directed by: Peter Baiestorf
Written by: Peter Baiestorf
Produced by: Peter Baiestorf
Cinematography by: Uzi Uschi Edicad, Gurcius Gewdner
Editing by: Gurcius Gewdner
Special Effects by: Coffin Souza, Carli Bortolanza
Music by: Peter Baiestorf, Ljaana Carrion
Cast: Ljana Carrion, Gurcius Gewdner, Lane ABC, Mini Mulamba
Year: 2008
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 30min

Studio: Bulhorgia Productions, Canibal Films

The wild world of director Peter Baiestorf, who brings us another one of his cherished descents into the low budget underworld of his creative madness. When you watch a Baiestorf flick, itís like you go into a realm of sexual freedom, political incorrectness, gore, hilarious blackened humor, chainsaws, tits, shaven pussies and grind metal. All this insanity works well. Only a film where the majority of the cast spend their time naked, also has a sick perverted psychopath, simply named Weirdo (played by Coffin Souza), who is concerned with corrupt politics, and the condition of the environment, whilst raping and cutting out women's clits.

Right from the start of Vadias do Sexo Sangrento (Bloody Orgy O'Rama) we get the close up of a women's nicely shaven gash, as the intro credits roll. Some primo power violence is playing until a gracious finger pokes in to massage the aforementioned clit, rubbing that pink bubble gum so lovingly! What a fucking intro -- what a film! If that description doesn't tighten up your ball sack then I'm giving up right here. 

We are introduced to Mirza (Lane ABC) and Turra (Ljanna Carrion), who are a couple of freaky gals getting down and dirty, lesbian style. We quickly realize it was Turra's coochie we saw up close in the introduction of the movie. All is well with the couple until Russ (PC), an ex-lover of Mirza, shows up wanting her to come back to him. He gives her an enticing offer of a romantic evening listening to Pink Floyd and emptying his balls. Mirza and Turra flee from him with Russ swearing revenge on them. The girls find a random radio on a tree in the woods, which plays music that sounds like it came from a Frankie Avalon movie, and get down with their nasty selves, but not before completely disrobing. Russ shows up naked (of course) to exact his revenge, but the tables are turned on him. Finally the girls aren't out of danger yet as the naked and perverted Weirdo (Souza again) shows up and abducts Turra.

Bloody Orgy O'Rama is a piece of iconic and legendary underground Brazilian cinema. Director Peter Baiestorf told me himself that he self-financed it for about 5000 reals and shot it in only 4 days with no rehearsal time. Itís chocked to the brim with some wicked goregrind like I Shit on Your Face, Offal, Corporal Sores, Lacerated Corpse Rape, Disorder of Rage, etcetera, and it makes the movie that much better. Baiestorf told me the film became sort of a legend in Brazil, and is still featured today at Goregrind shows. 

There is lots of sexual gore and general nastiness in it too, like a guy getting his entrails ripped out of his anus, a crazy chainsaw duel, urination, evisceration and a graphic removal of a clitoris. Have you ever had the need to watch a film where a guy gets a radio shoved down his throat and it randomly turns on while inside his gut!? Well, that is in here and even director Baiestorf himself is featured in this, including having sex with a couple of the girls and you even see his dink. I've been in contact with, and have watched his stuff/interviewed Gurcius Gewdner, and Baiestorf even features Gewdner in a cameo with his black pussy, in what I'm assuming is his editing suite/office. Gewdner edited and was an executive producer on this.

I have never seen anything like this before. Its freshness, its free will, and don't give a fuck attitude, I can definitely roll with. Many thanks to Peter for sending it for my viewing pleasure. Check out Mondo Cult and have a look at all the great items on there, including Canibal Filmes where you can purchase Peter's films. Enter into the world of Peter Baiestorf. Once you experience all the gore, nudity and craziness, you'll never want to leave. 




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