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Friday, 20 January 2017
Review of P.O.E. Pieces of Eldritch from The Enchanted Architect on Severed Cinema

AKA: P.O.E. 3: Pieces of Eldritch, P.O.E. 3

Directed by: Francesco Campanini (Thou Art Man), Ricky Caruso (Morella), Domiziano Cristopharo (The Cask of Amontillado), Alessandro Redaelli (King Pest), Edo Tagliavini (Shadow), Mirko Virgili (Never Bet The Devil Your Head)
Written by: Gianluca Calabria, Ricky Caruso, Domiziano Cristopharo, Ruggero Melis, Filippo Luciano Santaniello, Edo Tagliavini
Produced by: Francessco Campanini, Domiziano Cristopharo, Daniele Fagone, Floriana Grasso, Ruggero Melis, Alessandro Redaelli, Monica Saso, Edo Tagliavini, Mirko Virgili
Cinematography by: Domiziano Cristopharo, Cristian Ferrari, Alessio Sartori, Edo Tagliavini, Corrado Vasquez, Fabio Vassallo
Editing by: Ricky Caruso, Domizano Cristopharo, Buono Pellegrini, Alessandro Redaelli, Edo Tagliavini, Giovanni Tomaselli, Fabio Vassallo
Special Effects by:
Music by: Sara Ardizzoni, Eros Cartechini, Emiliano Cinquerrui, Ruggero Melis, Andrea Neri, Matteo Ramenzoni, Kristian Sensini, Lumi Tagliavini, Fabio Vassallo
Cast: Venantino Venatini, Wayne Abbruscato, Gabriele Arena, Rene Salazar Batista, Xenia Bertolotti, Federico Ivan Biagioli, Giacomo Boselli, Paolo Campanini, Mirko Cassiani, Marta Caudulo, Jacopo Costantini, Alessandro Davoli, Michele Di Giacomo, Feda Fargas, Rita Fedozzi, David Galoni, Francessca Germini, Aurora Kostova, Arian Levanael, Luca Magri, Simona Medolago, Mariam Migahed
Year: 2014
Country: Italy
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 23min

Studio: The Enchanted Architect

P.O.E. Pieces of Eldritch is third in the series of stories by author Edgar Allan Poe re-imagined in this Italian made production. All of the stories are presented as short films with six shorts in total. The introduction of each of the shorts is read by Italian character actor Venantino Venatini whom I mainly know as the guy who put the drill through John Morghen's (Giovanni Lombardo Radice) head in Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead (aka The Gates of Hell). I'm not familiar with much of Edgar Allan Poe's writing myself, and am only aware of more well-known stuff such as The Tell Tale Heart or The Raven -- Tell Tale Heart especially because I read it in school and remember it being brilliantly featured on an episode of The Simpsons.

The first short is titled Morella and features a woman who was abused as a child by a man who may or may not be some sort of parental figure. Years later she is still haunted by the memories, and a recent move to a new apartment has torn open an existing wound in her mental stability. The woman who, I'm assuming, is Morella, then pursues her once tormentor on a fetish internet group, and miraculously and coincidentally finds the guy with ease. She then plans her revenge, but is it already too late? Has her previous experience already warped her beyond control and turned her into the thing she hates? Morella is a nice moody short which boasts some dark and disturbing content with some very effective visuals. Itís one of most effective shorts in this collection.

Up next is King Pest, and for me itís probably the weakest one on here. Itís more of a satirical statement with poetry and old style language used throughout, accompanied with much irony, quite similar to that of an Edgar Allan Poe tale. Itís definitely clever in its use of perception. As we watch the tale unfold it has a particular stage or live show feel. The story has a couple of sailors who join a king and his subjects in a tavern only to offend him and an inevitable confrontation ensues. Upon a glance at the Poe story it seems King Pest is probably one of the shorts on here that stays fairly true to the story. It is one of the more light-hearted segments on here. It does have some violence as the two sailors must defend the kingís attacks as he accuses the men of being traitors.

Director Domiziano Cristopharo who got in contact with me about P.O.E. 3 is the maker of the third short featured on here. Titled The Cask of Amontillado , it features a man who is suffering and in extreme pain as he has been literally nailed similar to that of a crucifixion through his hands and even genitals. We also see that the word pedophile has been brutally carved into his skin. We get some close-ups as he struggles to rip his hands free and escape. We also get some bizarre visions, or possibly hallucinations as the man witnesses a CGI spider crawl on him. This short is probably one of the more graphic on here displaying such grimy physical desecration.

Thou Art the Man features a man in police custody who attempts to explain events that led up to his arrest. I liked this one as the setting really works well for it, giving it a creepy feel. Itís probably one of the scarier tales on here with that jump factor as the viewer is brought into the dark caverns of an old abandoned hotel.

Shadow is another very creepy skin crawling tale of a young girl who seems to be ignored and neglected throughout much of her daily life. She lives with her grandmother who sits and stares at a bizarre entrancing image on a TV in the kitchen. The girl then seems to develop an imaginary friend, until we see itís actually her shadow and the shadows appear to be alive. This one for me is the best on here, itís done in a very shot on video camera style but the sounds and visuals just make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Never Bet the Devil Your Head features a guy who does supposedly viral online reality stunts and gets off on the fact that people will actually try to re-enact the staged events, for real, harming themselves. We see someone actually committing suicide due to this cretin's videos. The guy visits a bar. He is met with another bizarre guy who makes him an offer which promises to excel his bullshit career, but we find out the offer is not so cut and dry. This short is another one of the weaker entries. It doesn't deliver on much except a volatile social commentary on how today's society is lead on by internet blogs and groups who prey on their vulnerability.

P.O.E. Pieces of Eldritch is an eclectic mix of shorts that offers a little bit of everything. I'm not sure if the intros by Venantino Venatini are really necessary or add much to the movie in general. Some of the shorts work well, some don't, but I believe all of them succeed with some confidence and conviction.





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