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Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 21 January 2017
Review of American Scumbags from R.A. Productions on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Dakota Bailey
Written by: Dakota Bailey
Produced by: Dakota Bailey, Dustin Hubbard, Greg Martin, Jimmy Panic
Cinematography by: Dakota Bailey
Editing by: Dakota Bailey
Music by: Pizzatramp
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 58min

Studio: R.A. Productions

Denver, Colorado indie director Dakota Bailey delivers his latest opus of gutter scum tales featuring a gallery of slime balls which dwell on the mold growing on the underbelly of society. Shot in black and white, this gives American Scumbags an even more authentic feel. I think works well in the movies favor. It has the ability to not detract from a lower budget production and increase its grittiness. I believe it does a good job in delivering its basic story, definitely nothing ground-breaking but itís nice to see this style of film looking at real life horror and not the supernatural.

We are introduced to a bunch of characters who are obviously the scumbags that the title implies. American Scumbags is more of a character driven piece, as the story is basic, and is generally based on interactions of the characters usually concerning owing a drug dealer named Chester (Fred Epstein) money. We are first introduced to this hipster looking douche named Lucifer (Nick Benning) who muses about how evil he is until Chester comes looking for his money and sends out a hit on his ass. Chester sometimes enlists the help of Johnny (director Dakota Bailey) to carry out the jobs for him. Johnny sports this ridiculous deep evil voice which adds a bit of humor to the film. There is black humor throughout American Scumbags within all the devious bottom feeding shit going on. Human shit getting sent in the mail, roadkill being skinned and used for homeless Tender Vittles, big titted hookers getting banged on the hoods of cars and more wholesome goodness is what's in store with American Scumbags.

We are also introduced to the character Billy or "Billy the Kid" (Darien Fawkes) as he goes out on his daily errands of poisoning dogs, burning his ex's face with battery acid and more. Billy also owes Chester some money for drugs but Billy has a plan to get his sleazy ass out of it. Another character named Wheeliní Deals (Larry Bay) -- because he resides in a wheelchair -- is also out to make himself some money at all costs but when he crosses paths with a recently released pedophile even he draws the line there.

The black and white style is cool, like I mentioned earlier, and really brings some elements and feel to it that a regular color production just wouldn't do. The music by punk band Pizzatramp is effective too and delivers that punch of rebellion sleaze. Dakota Bailey is doing some good indie stuff here, he just needs to focus more on an in depth story and this might give him that push to expand to broader territory. In the meantime, these little snippets of sleaze are satisfactory and its cool to see a filmmaker embrace this film style as this exploitation genre is not so prevalent today, so itís cool to see a throwback to sleaze epics of the Ď70s.





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