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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 07 February 2017
Review of Beyond Madness (Oltre la Follia) from Black Lava Entertainment on Severed Cinema

AKA: Oltre la Follia

Directed by: Luigi Zanuso
Written by: Luigi Zanuso
Produced by: Rino Scorbllini
Cinematography by: Ron Prinz
Editing by: Frank S. Cappello
Music by: Male Prostitution
Cast: Michelle, Rosario Gallardo, Sara Lux, Julian D'Annunzio, Simon Hunter, Mike Rock, Giselle Class, Ric McRoy, Venus T. Gender
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Color: Color
Language: Italian (English Subtitles)
Runtime: 1h 1min

Studio: Aborsky Produktion
Distributor: Black Lava Entertainment

I didn't know what to expect going into Beyond Madness (Oltre la Follia ). I had heard some different things about it but didn't pay much mind to it. I can honestly say the movie blew me out of the water like a fucking battleship. This is a performance piece and not really a movie containing much of a story at all. Itís a crazy form of graphic sexual art pushing a social message. The Italian director, Luigi Zanuso, who is in his 80ís (I shit you not) has delivered something so perverse, sexual and disturbing that its relevance is uncanny in today's society. The movie will question your morals. Is this just smut peddling garbage in disguise as a tool for slobs to jerk off to? In some instances, I can't tell, to be honest, but everything here is not meant to be viewed as arousing but more so as disgusting. That fine line is definitely crossed in Beyond Madness and then crossed again and again and again.

The interpretation I personally gathered from Beyond Madness is that the human race in general are all a little crazy. We tend to hide our true selves in a mask of social culture to fit in and feel accepted by our peers -- itís a textbook clichť. Behind closed doors is where our true selves are revealed, the inner dark desires, the cross dressers, twisted sexual fetish practices. We all have dark sides and secrets and we all do go a little mad sometimes. Personally, as seen in this movie I do not want to wear a dog collar and have a giant dildo shoved up my ass causing a near prolapse like one of the male performers in this, just to set the record straight. Beyond Madness definitely takes the meaning of madness and pushes its boundaries in rather extreme circumstances.

Accompanied by different quotes and interludes where it seems as if the thoughts or events portrayed on the screen are occurring in the brain of director Zanuso, as he moans and sits in his chair in an endorphin induced coma. We are introduced to a group of naked people on what looks to be a stage, similar to that of a bad William Shakespeare play. For the remainder of the movie, in between the quotes, and the director Zanuso musing over the events in his chair, our naked performers go through some rather disturbing antics. Performances and events that contain graphic hardcore sex, a fetish for molesting, masturbating and penetrating with various meat and dead animal appendages. Beyond Madness is the kind of movie you watch and wonder if you should be watching it because itís so fucked up. That being said, I strangely enjoyed it because it was different and oddly disgusting.

The women in this are not polished models, they are fairly rough looking but goddamn they are a bunch of freaks -- God bless 'em. One of them has a penchant for getting vaginally fisted in one scene, urinates in a bowl and then the wine glasses come out as she brings herself to projectile female ejaculation multiple times into them. Animal eyeballs are forced into gashes, a bowl of soup is cummed in and eaten by a woman, there are scenes of fellatio, hardcore tranny sex and much more, the list is endless and unreal.

All the scenes on the stage follow a different theme, such as one scene where all the performers are talking on cell phones unaware of anything around them. Itís an obvious social commentary but the rest of the stuff I can honestly say is one twisted myriad of filth, and depravity I haven't witnessed in this style before. If this sounds like something you are interested in, by all means enter the gates never to return again but be warned you may need numerous showers to get the grime off, and a councillor to talk to after viewing. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here, let go, sink fast.





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