My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fuelled Violence - R.A. Productions
Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 25 February 2017
Review of Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fuelled Violence from R.A. Productions on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Dakota Bailey
Written by: Dakota Bailey
Produced by: Dakota Bailey
Cinematography by: Dakota Bailey
Editing by: Dakota Bailey
Music by: Luciferian Insectus
Special Effects: Dakota Bailey
Cast: Dakota Bailey, Larry Bay, Chuck Frost, Brian Knapp, Matt Marshall, Wild Willy Wakefield
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 10min

Studio: R.A. Productions

Underground filmmaker Dakota Bailey made a few very rough looking shorts and decided to connect them together to make a full feature film. My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fuelled Violence is an extremely washed out 3rd or 4th generation dupe looking quality movie. It says at the beginning that the poor quality is done on purpose, and if so they have definitely succeeded in going that route. The quality reminds me of dirty bootleg VHS tapes I would trade, and then attempt to play in my VCR which was in serious need of a head cleaning. We get fuzzy faded colors, the sound gets loud for the music and low for when the actors are speaking, so you might find yourself constantly adjusting your volume.

Made for something like a $1000 bucks I commend Bailey for putting himself out there and devoting himself to his passion of underground filmmaking. Unfortunately, My Master Satan is even too rough looking and just so disjointed with not much plot or much of anything interesting or intense going on to make it much of an enjoyable watching experience. Itís just a series of the different characters double crossing, killing or fucking with each other or random strangers. There was promise for some chainsaw gore but that's thrown out the window as a bunch of fake blood is simply thrown at the wall for the lack of effects.

Fortunately Bailey went on to make American Scumbags (review here) after My Master Satan, and it turned out to be a more entertaining. Itís a somewhat structured affair which is similar in nature to this one but just executed and filmed better overall. Itís like My Master Satan is a jumbled mess of stuff thrown together with no rhyme or reason, meant to show how much a group of scumbags the characters in the movie are. We watch the degenerates killing animals, playing peeping tom on local neighborhood girls, stealing drugs, killing people, digging up bodies and so forth. Itís just not pulled off with enough conviction or balls out attitude to register much emotion. The best scene probably has a dude fucking a blow up doll as he is so rudely interrupted by a couple of debt collectors who he owes drug money to.

Moviemaker Dakota Bailey plays Alister, one of the degenerates who steals, kills and does whatever else needs to be done as asked by his friends and fellow douche bags. Larry Bay plays Dealiní Dick, another waste of skin who lines up jobs, and different deviant activities for Alister and himself. Bubba (Matt Marshall) decides to dig up his dead wife and bring her home even though he killed her in the first place. Wild Willy Wakefield is a crazy serial killer who lives in some sort of housing neighborhood which is ran by strict security but he still manages to abduct and kill victims.

My Master Satan just doesn't go anywhere in its run time and doesn't grab you by the throat enough to engage the viewer. I really dig the music by Luciferian Insectus as I am an avid fan of any black/death metal. This is Bailey's first outing, and already he is improving and cutting his teeth so I expect much better movies from him. If youíre into this rough looking sort of stuff then by all means check out Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fuelled Violence but my recommendation would be checking out his second feature American Scumbags as it displays and improves on what My Master Satan set out to do in the first place and in a much better fashion. 





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